Sully from Hooking, Bobby could you please just stop holding the microphone?

I mean seriously he held onto that fucking thing every time he answered a question as if were he to say something wrong a trap door could open and he would be erased from existence, but for his strong hold on a flimsy microphone stand. Ben Cherington had already knocked his over.

Below follows 15 facts from the press conference and 5 from the rest of Boston sports day, a very heavy Boston sports day which you know was seen as an inconvenience to the Red Sox because naming their manager should be the ONLY news of the day.

-As Ben introduced Bobby my note was that it seemed like he was reading it off any report that highlighted Bobby’s resume. Meaning I felt it was forced. Yankee fan @jacko2323 did me one better “I’m so excited for the Bobby V disaster. At the presser today, Cherington had the sincerity of a hostage tape.” I hate siding with a Yankee fan but he is dead fucking right.

-Bobby seems to plan on wearing the jersey and he really did get all the buttons undone, eventually. I sort of hope that having every single button buttoned was Ben’s doing in a “I’m your fucking boss way.”

-In sentence 2 (2!) Bobby started tossing Ben’s salad and it got worse.

-Then Bobby went out of his was to make SURE we all knew this was Ben’s hire. In my opinion the only further proof he could have offered were pictures of him blowing Ben. With him saying “See THIS is the guy I had to blow for the job!”

-LET GO OF THE FUCKING MIC! I know you are afraid this is all a dream, but its not. Some1 would call it a nightmare.

-Seems extremely genuine about taking over the team and having the opportunity to manage a team with such high expectations and great talent.

-Someone asks about the clubhouse atmosphere and he kisses their asses. Typical more flies with honey than vinegar crap answer.

-Does best to avoid questions about his specific criticisms about Red Sox players as an analyst. He did get close to personal when mentioning open stances and 20 seconds between pitches, but laughed it off in a joking manor. Josh Beckett isn’t laughing.

-Guards against the specificity of Daniel Bard’s role when directly asked.

-Ben denies that Bobby wasn’t his guy. I imagine the Sox brass had a midget with a silenced gun under the table aimed directly at Ben’s nuts were he to deviate at all from the script.

-NESN graphic, maybe a bad one, 85 managerial changes since 2002 and Bobby V didn’t get any of those jobs.2

-Wants to have numerous conversations with the players prior to spring training. No shit. You’ve called most of these guys out for something or other and there are already rumors they aren’t happy with you being in charge. Get on the phone, don’t be hurt when Becket hangs up.

-Has lots of homework to do on the players on the team and in the system. Well at least he knows that and admits to it and seems willing to watch the video and look at the info. That makes me feel happy, unless of course it was lip service and not the kind that Ben got. Then it makes me feel sad.

-Bobby V and Bill Buckner were college roommates. Thank god this isn’t 2004 or how many fucking Curse related shit storms would be forced to sift through about how there aren’t enough degrees of separation between the manager and the curse?

-In regards to picking a staff he said its not about friendship or the past, but about who can do the job the best. Good answer, lets hope thats not all it is.

On the other side of Boston sports

-David Krejic signed a 3 year deal. Good, but this deal sits on the NHL very well financially for any team so to me this deal seems very Bronson Arroyo like and could wind up with Krejic being flipped to make cap room to sign Seguin when the time comes. Maybe they can flip Krejic for Wily mo! I love Wily Mo!

-Danny Ainge says we love Rondo and aren’t trying to trade him which just means that they can’t get the 1 guy they wanted for him, Chris Paul. Although I do believe they love Rondo. Just not as much as a shooting point guard would help the aging legs of Pierce, Allen and Garnett.

-Tom Brady won offensive player of the month for the AFC. Really? I’m not saying he had a bad month, but it doesn’t jump out as one of his better career months off the top of my head.

-Tim Thomas finished the month of November with 9 consecutive wins. The Bruins record is 33 set by Gerry Cheevers in 1972. 1972 being before my time I always heard Cheevers was great, but holy shit that is fucking awesome.

-The Celtics released their 2 game exhibition schedule. Considering they have only 6 or 7 guys on the roster right now3 the second team is going to be ugly to watch for at least 2 months. Uglier than last year I mean and it was fucking ugly last year. These guys will be playing pick up essentially while Doc holds his head in his hands on the sideline thinking, my son is probably going to play for a National Championship with Duke and I’m watching these ass holes?

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  1. cough Ben cough []
  2. I’m scared of this because there have been some shitty managers in the last 9 years. Hell the Orioles alone had 3 shitty shitty shitty managers since 2005 with Sam Perlozzo, Dave Trembley and Juan Samuel. []
  3. reports aren’t clear []

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