Bunting for a hit: At the End of 2 Careers

This is a weekly spot where I quickly address a few topics that crossed my path, but don’t deserve the full length treatment.1

  • I hope Jeremy Lin doesn’t fly too close to the sun and melt his own wings. He has made the NBA better. I don’t even watch every Celtics game and most nights this season are focused on which star is missing what game. Since Lin has gotten his Icarus like wings I now tune into the NBA channel for highlights every night the Knicks play. And when I did this on Valentine’s Day 2012 I saw Jeremy Lin hit a game winning 3 point winner that left .5 seconds on the clock. The man has BALLS.

Then on Sunday he led the Knicks against the defending champ Mavericks and electrified Madison Square Garden AGAIN.


  • I want both Peyton Manning and Jim Irsay to go away.
  • Bob Ryan deserves more than a tidbit, and will get it, but I will relish all his new stuff that comes out between now and the end of the London Olympics when he will be retiring. I get the feeling we will still see and hear Bob on tv and radio, but reading Ryan is special.
  • Ron Jaworski ousted from the Monday Night Football booth. Not a huge shock as the show revolves around host Mike Tirico and analyst John Gruden. Its sad for me though because Jaws talks X’s and O’s and brought that to a broadcast often focused on personalities more than the game play.
  • Rajon Rondo deserves 2 games. I don’t care about him complaining about the call that is what NBA players do these days, for the most part. He went too far when threw that ball at the ref who was in no position to catch it.

  • Wishing Tony Gwynn the best. For those of you who missed it, he had a 14 hour surgery to remove a malignant growth inside his right cheek.
  • With all the injuries the compacted NBA schedule is causing, I find it hard to believe that NO ONE would take a 10 day flier on Allen Iverson. This guy was a perennial MVP candidate and brought a team to the finals and the only person on his team that deserved to be there was him.
  • Carl Crawford doesn’t seem to be dealing well with the owner’s or manager’s comments that were made about him. If this were to continue and the situation becomes untenable then someone has to go. John Henry isn’t selling anytime soon. Bobby Valentine isn’t going anywhere for at least this season. Crawford’s contract combined with his play leave him as a player teams would surely love to add, but only with substantial financial help in paying the deal down. For now I think GM Ben Cherrington is hoping this wrist injury holds Crawford out til this goes away. Nothing goes away in Boston Ben. Theo didn’t mention that?
  • Tim Wakefield is, according to all reports, a gem of a man who took a pitch high school kids all across the country fool around with during warm ups and turned it into a 200 game winning major league career, 186 with the Boston Red Sox. Those 200 wins put him 5th all time for knuckle ballers, behind Phil Neikro, Joe Neikro, Charlie Hough and Eddie Cicotte. Good pitching company.2 While I enjoyed the Wakefield era and appreciate how important he was to the team, my seminal Wakefield moment is still the Aaron Boone home run that ended Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. I wish he had had a “great” moment after 2003 that overcame that devastating moment, but in my mind he didn’t.
  • I’m sure Tom Brady’s LEFT shoulder was in pain during the Super Bowl when Justin Tuck does what Justin Tuck does, sack QB’s. But he never showed lack of strength in his RIGHT throwing arm, never got “happy feet”as the Giants said he would all week, and while, yes, there were a couple of passes that weren’t perfectly accurate, I don’t think that was related to his LEFT shoulder.
  • Greg Oden had the skills to alter a game defensively which is a lost NBA art. It is a shame we will never get to see him do that as he did for THE Ohio State University in the 2007 NCAA Tourney.
  • Manny Ramirez has signed with the A’s. In total it will cost the A’s less than 500 thousand dollars so that is a no brainer. If he plays well and they can trade him in July for a prospect its a perfect situation for the A’s. If he sucks and they cut him it has only cost them a small amount of money. Read my thoughts on Manny being Manny here.
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  1. That’s what she said – the video []
  2. Cicotte was a member of the Black Sox, though he was considered one of the best pitchers of his time. []

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