2012 Miami Marlins

Starting on Friday, February 24th I will be previewing each team in Major League Baseball. I will start with the San Diego Super Padres and end on April 5th1 with the Boston Red Sox.

I will tell you each team’s 2011 record and place in their division, along with my 2012 projected record and projected place in division. If they are lucky enough to make the playoffs I will tell you how far they will go.2 I will then briefly summarize the team’s overall talent.

Each preview will consist of the projected 2012 defensive line up, the top 3 starting pitchers and the top 2 relief pitchers.3 A comment about each player stating my view of whether they will be good, bad or the same.4

And now the 2012 Miami Marlins.

2011 Record:72-90
Projected 2012 Record:88-74

2011 Division Place:5th Place
Projected 2012 Division Place:2nd Place

Overall the 2012 Marlins are much improved. Can new manager Ozzie Guillen pull the strings and bring them to the playoffs? With an additional wild card I think so. They strikeout a little too much as a team for my liking, but that also will result in lots of runs. There pitching is deep in the bullpen and could be electric in the starting rotation if Carlos Zambrano is anywhere near the dominant pitcher he has been in the past.


John Buck                           
Buck played the most games of his career last year and put up worse numbers. Can new manager Ozzie Guillen balance his work load to keep him fresh and productive?

First Base
Extremely consistent in his first 2 full big league seasons. Showed great improvement in his plate discipline. Probably is what he is, which is plenty, but I do not see a huge jump in production on the horizon.

Second Base
Omar Infante                                  
I don’t know what to expect from Infante, ever. Could be a huge OBP spark plug, could be hurt, could be awful.

Third Base
I expect Hanley to bounce back and be very good. The move to third should help him partly as a reduction of wear and tear and partly as a reduction in fielding responsibility.

Short Stop
Jose Reyes                            
Reyes got paid and I think if he is healthy and on the field will earn it. He is a hit machine and could score a ton of runs hitting in front of the Miami’s middle of the order.

Plays everywhere, steals bases and if he and Reyes are both on base what pitched isn’t worried about a double steal or that a single could be 2 runs?

The man slugs the ball with the best of them, half his hits were for extra bases in ’11. The man doesn’t know what a single is and if Reyes, Bonifacio and Ramirez are on base and he is up a gapper is 3 runs the easy way.

Needs to improve his average. He can do that simply by strikeout less. I see him as a potential trade chip if he and new manager Ozzie Guillen don’t see eye to eye, and I think that is a very possible situation.

Starting Pitcher
To make a serious run at the Phillies Johnson needs to be a 200+ inning dominant ace. He is very capable of that.

Starting Pitcher
Moving the NL should help Buehrle age well. He has 11 straight years with double digit wins, and while I don’t think wins are a great stat, that consistency in impressive.

Starting Pitcher
Nolasco is not great, but he is very important in the sense that he eats innings, quality innings. A very undervalued role on a team.

Relief Pitcher
Heath Bell                 
Took over for a legend in San Diego and saved 132 games in 3 years. Miami should be a cake walk for Bell.

Relief Pitcher
Heath Bell insurance and potential trade bait as the season wears on and needs arise.

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  2. These visions are still cloudy even though it is clear that the playoff format will consist of 2 wild card teams. So I will summarize them in total the final week of spring training. []
  3. according rotochamp.com []
  4. click the player name or picture and see their career stats at baseball-reference.com []

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