Bunting for a Hit: Day late, Dollar Short

The Olympic torches goal is to keep the flame lit eternally its entire way from Greece to the host site of the Olympics. Every time the journey is mapped out a fair amount of gimmicks are thought up to bring attention to the journey and to publicize the upcoming games. This year a white water rafting trip was planned. Who the fuck’s idea was that? And have they been fired yet? Fire’s mortal enemy is water so lets pair them together in a way where we can’t predict what the water may do! And for those playing along at home, yes it was extinguished. Shocking. The spin is that they carry a mining lantern, also lit in Greece, near the torch as a backup eternal flame and use it to relight the torch. I think they misunderstand the word eternal, which isn’t surprising since they misunderstood that fire shouldn’t be around water in a chaotic and hectic manner. Well anyway the Olympics are ruined for me now!

Ray Allen is gone from the Celtics for whatever the reasons and signed with the Miami Heat. Had he signed with Dallas or Memphis or OK City, I don’t think the people around here would give a damn. They would wish him the best except against the Celtics. But signing with the Heat is a slap in the face, and I think an intentional one towards Boston management. Ray seems to have perceived himself as being slighted by the organization in various ways. I can’t say if they did or didn’t. I see it as, he is a hall of fame player on the way out and just another below average defender the Heat will have in their lineup come the 2013 playoffs.

As for how Ray will be received in Boston wearing a Heat uniform? The best comparison we have is when Johnny Damon left for the Yankees and he was soundly booed in Fenway and roasted on the airwaves. The oddness of that comparison is that Johnny was just taking the MOST amount of money. Ray took a lot LESS money to take his talents to South Beach. That seems backwards to me, and I think it will affect how viscously the fans let him know their displeasure. Mom Allen probably shouldn’t make that first trip or 2 to Boston this year.


Hey look at this play by Oakland A’s right fielder and power hitter Josh Reddick.

If you were to look back at the Chronicles of Reddick you would realize he was the main cog in the trade where the Red Sox acquired Andrew Bailey. So Reddick at the all-star break has 20 homers and 43 RBIs, while Bailey has yet to pitch. Not a great trade so far.

Tell what I like about this Wil Myers kid, he is mashing in the minors, 27 homers over AA and AAA this year so far and he smashes a camera unintentionally. Oh and he is on my fantasy team for this and next year, so come on Royals, get him to the bigs!

Robert Kraft with the stage punch, no one seems to have told him though that you aren’t supposed to actually connect on those punches. People seem a little up in arms that he said “Fuck you pussy”, can’t we all just remember he was reading a line in a script, only being recorded as an audition piece, that was never meant for public consumption? I don’t think we have to worry much about Kraft running up and down the halls of Gillette Stadium punching out Belicheck or Brady and calling them pussies while doing it.

The video below is of a Boston women’s football team fighting with a DC women’s football team. Having spent some time in the arena of semi-professional football, I have seen similar brawls occur. This one is really pretty good, but I am glad there isn’t video of any of the ones I was involved in.

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