Bunting for a hit: Because it sure felt good to watch real football

We bunt for a hit, while rounding out week 1 of the NFL season and addressing a couple of other tidbits that I found of particular interest.

NFL Week 1 picks record: 11-16, Season 11-16.

Stephen Strasburg shut down. Talk about a double edge sword of a decision. Kid looks good enough to be one of the all time greats. He has had the best season coming off of Tommy John surgery EVER and led the Nationals to the brink of the playoffs and now management has shut him down. If they don’t and they win the World Series its the right decision, regardless of what the rest of Strasburg’s career entails. If they do and he goes onto to a Hall of Fame career its the right decision. If they miss the playoffs altogether its the wrong decision. If he ends up hurting his arm again next year its the wrong decision. I can’t say I know what I would do were I Nats management, but I like to think I would try and win when I know its close, not hope I’m close again sometime soon.

In more local fare, the Pats took care of business versus the Titans. I don’t know what that means though because despite them being a 9-7 team last year I don’t think that the Titans are any good. The Patriot defense holding Chris Johnson to 4 yards was a nice surprise, but the secondary struggled on occasion with situational play, which makes me nervous against a non rookie QB.

Looking forward to Pats week 2 opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, I’m very excited to watch 4 quarters of the guy I would call the most explosive player in the game today, Patrick Peterson. I loved him at LSU and I’ve loved the highlights I’ve seen so far in Arizona. Being in Boston though, and Arizona being mediocre, I don’t get a lot of chances to see him play an entire game.

I made a 10 year bet that Andrew Luck is going to be a better QB Robert Griffin the third. Based on week 1, she is going to have 10 years of bragging rights.

I don’t know if the Saints will really be as bad as they looked on Sunday against the Redskins, but I wouldn’t doubt it. I was part of a football staff that had to go without our head coach for 3 days once and while we were all very aware of our roles, we often were at a loss seemingly adrift at seas without our captain. The Saints have to go an entire year without Sean Payton. Thats a lot of pressure on and interim interim coach.

Looks like the Bruins are serious about staying competitive after signing up and coming star Tyler Seguin to a 6 year contract. Seguin has the offensive game to ascend very quickly and become one of the best in the game.

The Ravens looked legit. Very legit offensively which is the key. I guess being 1 play away from a visit to the Super Bowl was enough to motivate them to return better than they left. Ed Reed meanwhile became the all time leader in interception return yardage. Watching that man pick off a ball and find seemingly impossible lanes to run through during his returns has been a pleasure his whole career.

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