Bunting for a Hit: You get what you give

I didn’t get my picks posted. I apologize. I’m hoping to make that a video segment and it didn’t pan out last week. I did make them though.

Week 4 NFL Picks: 11-15. Season 36-63.1

With the NFL refs back the weekend was far less animus toward the striped shirts. I don’t think that lasts very long. There will still be blown calls, bad calls and plays that may look irrefutable on film, but just aren’t. So don’t worry we can all blame the refs again soon for our teams demise.

The MLB season is wrapping up and all the drama about 2 wild cards that there was hope for has ironed itself out before the final weekend. The only games of true consequence are happening in the AL East and there could indeed be a tie and 1 game playoff to determine seeding.

One other quick MLB thing I find interesting, the MVP debate between should be Rookie of the Year Mike Trout and potential triple crown winner Miguel Cabrera. While I do believe what Mike Trout is truly special and the Angels rode him to get into the playoff hunt, Cabrera made the playoffs. That to me makes his season more valuable. I do not think the triple crown should be an automatic MVP win.  Mike Trout will win and MVP, give him the rookie of the year this year and let him play a full season in 2013 and let us all be amazed by what this kid can do.

Still no NHL. Idiots.

Celtics have indeed starting training camp in Istanbul, not Constantinople and if you don’t get that joke I don’t care.

MLB sucks at allowing sites other than their own show clips and highlights of great plays, but I couldn’t resist linking to this play of Red Sox prospect Jose Iglesias. I could get use to watching defense this effortless every night. So please take the time to click over to the MLB site, link below, as they won’t allow embedding. Fascists.


I got rid of my cable in May and it really hasn’t been a big deal until tonight as ESPN brings back its documentary series 30 for 30. They aren’t all home runs, but even their singles are hard hit line drives, no texas leaguers here. So check them out and if you haven’t watched any of the first series go back and check them out. (Most are on demand) I personally recommend; “Four Days in October”, “Winning Time”, “Run Ricky Run”, “Jordan Rides the Bus”, and “The Best That Never Was”.

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