Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 3

080afd_Sox_12092012At one point this off season the Red Sox had agreed in principle with 2 players to 3 year 39 million dollar deals, Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino. Victorino indeed signed on the dotted line and will get his 39 million bucks. Napoli’s physical scared the SHIT out of someone on the Red Sox medical staff (a scary thought) and so he shopped himself around again, found no takers and signed a 1 year 5 million dollar incentive laden deal. So much for the bluster of Napolil being a free agent prize. The latest news about Victorino is that he will play for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. This is my predicted stat line for Victorino’s 2013 with the Red Sox, for Team USA, 12 at bats, 2 hits 1 blown knee. Red Sox 0 at bats, 13 million dollars. God I hope I’m wrong.

Un-coffret-Die-Hard-avant-la-sortie-d-Une-belle-journee-pour-mourir_portrait_w532All day Sunday I chronicled the NFC and AFC championship games. Drive by drive, i analyzed the games with football observations and jokes with 1 or 2 quick breaks during half times to watch parts of Aladdin and The Lion King. By the end of the Pats game I wish we had just stayed with Mufasa and Simba. So my chronicling ended as I just drowned myself in Jack and cokes. The only note from all of them I care to share is the following: “Side note: anyone else want all these Die Hard commercials that are tagged with the line “Yippee ki-yay” to have the real line, “yippee ki-yay mother fucker” said?”

baseballplayerStan Musial passed over the weekend and I heard Bob Ryan share this amazing statistic on the Tony Kornheiser Show on ESPN 980 Monday, Musial got half his hit on the road and half his hits at home. Talk about consistency. RIP Mr. Musial.

The other amazing stat I heard over the weekend was that when leading at halftime of a game at home the Tom Brady quarterbacked New England Patriots were 67-0 before losing the Ravens on Sunday. So now they are 67-1. It certainly is a blemish, but still an exemplary record.

Zdeno+Chara+Patrice+Bergeron+Boston+Bruins+-460qcS-IcdlThe NHL is back and if my Facebook feed is any evidence the Bruins haven’t missed a beat. With the Pats losing, the Celtics inconsistencies, the Sox “Hot Stove” lukewarm at best and spring training still 3 weeks off, the Bruins have a real chance to take over the city’s sport scene. If they come out and win 7-8 out of every 10 games while playing 3 to 4 games a week this town could very quickly become the Hub of Hockey it once was.

downloadIn order to finalize the Mike Napoli signing today the Red Sox had to make room on the 40 man roster for Napoli and his degenerative hip. Thankfully they didn’t need a 2nd roster spot for his necrotic hip. To achieve this, they released Chris Carpenter, the only remaining player acquired in Theo-gate, that held us all hostage last season after Theo left the Sox for the Cubbies. And the way things have gone at Fenway, Wrigley is the land of greener pastures. For months last spring and summer we heard names and negotiations thrown around as compensation for Theo. The Red Sox complaining about the Cubs dragging their feet in the negotiations, all for what? To have both players gone less than a year after they were acquired. Another in a long line of questionable decisions not only about personnel, but about priorities in the upper management offices on Yawkey Way.

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