Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 4

Garnett-Pierce-Rondo-sportige.com_Rajun Rondo is out for the remainder of this NBA season and probably about half of next season with an ACL injury. In what was supposed to be the “Year of Rondo” the Celtics have woefully under achieved with him in the lineup, what will that mean without him? Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are still great players, but can’t be relied on to carry the team night in, night out. Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger show the beginnings of a youth movement that will reshape the roster over the next few years. Jeff Greene is supposed to be hybrid wing playing defensive specialist. He shows flashes of the potential, but tends to be far too inconsistent night to night. Everyone else is expendable. They are role players brought in to compliment the core of the team. They can go now. Get what you can for them now. The season isn’t over, but this team also isn’t getting by Miami and into the NBA Finals. There are 3 places to be as an NBA team competing for a title, bottomed out or stuck in the middle. Right now the Celtics are stuck in the middle.

imagesThis link is going to take you to a feature story by Tim Elfrink of the New Times. It is a spectacularly researched and written piece that details not only what PEDs players like Alex Rodriguez, Bartolo Colon and Melky Cabrera were taking, but when they were receiving the PEDs and how much they were paying. The evidence is damning. Enough so the Yankees are reportedly trying to find grounds within this report and their contract with him that will allow them to void his contract. Which would be a god send for the Yankees as A-Rod is most likely out the entire 2013 season and has been inconsistent and oft injured in the last few years, hardly earning the 25+ million dollars his contract calls for him to be paid for. How this is received by Bud Selig and Major League Baseball will be very interesting as they do NOT need a positive test to suspend players for violating the league’s anti-PED policy. Read the whole thing, its a great story and if they give Puliltzer Prizes for sports, this story deserves one.

Novak Djokovic-AFPI don’t talk about tennis much, but I did watch plenty of it as a kid thanks to my father. His favorite players were the hard hitters that crushed their serves, crushed their overhead volleys and love the big, cross court passing shots. This style of play suits the hard courts well and we would play on hard courts when we played so the Australian Open and US Open were watched with a keener eye than the either Wimbledon or the French Open. With all the great players I’ve watched dominate on the hard court I was amazed to hear that the first player to win the Australian Open 3 times in a row is Novak Djokavich. I would have thought for sure Pete Sampras or Roger Federer had surely achieved that feat as they both dominated tennis like few people have ever dominated anything.

10 years ago Nick Johnson was supposed to be the next great left handed hitting baseball player in the vein of Tony Gwynn, Don Mattingly and Will Clark. Injuries derailed him from reaching that potential which is a shame because his swing was a thing of beauty.

154090622_crop_exactDerek Jeter fielded ground balls and took batting practice today. I don’t like cheering for Yankees, but Jeter is one of the good guys and I respect him for how he plays on the field and how he has represented himself and his team off the field. He may be a horrible person behind closed doors, but he represents himself well, if we as a species could do that more, maybe just maybe, I wouldn’t hate so many people.

Everyone has 1, so just insert your own Pro Bowl joke in this space.

Pedro_Martinez_2013-300x237Pedro Martinez has signed a contract to be a special assistant to the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. This deal has long been rumored and wouldn’t coincidence have it that they announced it shortly after Dan Shaughnessy and Terry Francona released a book that doesn’t shine the ownership in the best of lights. What are Pedro’s duties going to entail, showing up at 15 home games a year, waving to the crowd from the legends box and occasionally scouting a prospect in the Dominican? He is a going to be a tool, used as a distraction for the benefit of the ownership. Pedro is arguably the best Red Sox personality of my life time he still makes the needle move in the Boston sports media. More so than any current Red Sox player, except maybe David Ortiz. So Pedro gets a paycheck, the ownership gets a guy who can move the needle away from the current team and Red Sox Nation gets fooled again.

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