Sully’s 7: Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl weekend 2013 is just about upon us and I’m so tired of the Harbowl Stories and Ray Lewis planning his ascension to heaven after the game, that I decided the best way for me to cover the Super Bowl would be to relive my favorite commercials from years gone by and share them with you here. So without further adieu in reverse order, Sully’s 7 favorite Super Bowl Commercials.

7. MacGyver – Mastercard
Mastercard has long had the “priceless” commercials and they are all good, but when they brought in MacGyver, who even before Liam Nesson in Taken had a particular set of skills, and put him to work with very little and ask him to get out of trouble, it was indeed priceless.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors – Bud Light 
The Anheuser-Busch company can be thanked for providing us with dozens of great, funny and culturally poignant commercials over the years. The Bud Bowl, the frogs, wasssssup, the spectacular only aired once 9-11 tribute, and countless others, but this simple take on Rock, Paper, Scissors left me in stitches the first time I saw it and still does today. 

5. A Bunch of Monkeys – Career Builder
As Mr. Tony always says, what’s better than chimps in suits? Nothing. Ok, well since this is 5th on the list I guess 4 things.

4. Terry Tate Office Linebacker – Reebok
Terry Tate stormed onto our TV screens and into our hearts as the office linebacker who tackled those who did little things that annoyed us at work. Of course in today’s NFL he would probably be flagged for unnecessary roughness, and get a FedEx envelop carrying a fine from Roger Goodell. We needed Terry Tate in those offices then and we need him in those offices now!

3. Michael J. Fox – Diet Pepsi
Who doesn’t like Michael J. Fox? Long before he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and for the most part taken away from his fans he was cute as a button with a devilish mischievousness, so much so that if when he was 8 and lit his parents carpet on fire, they would go easy on him.

2. The Force – Volkswagon
This VW commercial hit the internet like a ton of bricks. Viral isn’t a strong enough word for it, and it deserved all the attention it got. Every Star Wars kid dreams of using the force, and while not all of them have a full Vader costume, they do walk around the house trying to affect objects with the force. The reaction of the kid when that car turns on is sheer unadulterated joy and exactly what every kid doing, not trying, to use the force wants to see.

1. Larry and Michael – McDonalds
NBA icons Bird and Jordan playing a “first to miss” game for a Big Mac and fries, what kid in the 80s didn’t want to see the 2 best players in the league go at it 1 on 1? This was the closest we would get. They were both splendidly charismatic, and funny as well. Turns out they were just as charismatic in real life, at least according to Jack McCallum in Dream Team.

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