Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 6

imagesToday is the day of the year that correctly predicts that spring is 6 weeks away, because unlike that unreliable groundhog in Pennsylvania, today pitchers and catchers report to Red Sox spring training which assures us that Red Sox Opening Day is 6 weeks away. And if the Red Sox see their shadow it means 86 years of misery. No, not really, at least I hope not. It is the sign of spring coming that warms my heart the most, especially when it comes just after a blizzard that drops 3 feet of snow on the general Boston area.  New Englanders need these days on our calendar, as sad as they may sound, Red Sox truck day, pitchers and catchers report, full squad workouts begin, the first spring games against Northeastern and BC, the Sox first spring game against the Yankees, these are the days that get those of us stuck up north through the cold, boring days of February and March while we anticipate warm days at Fenway or catching a Sox game on the radio while laying on the beach. So in many ways today we celebrate the beginning of the end of Red Sox Nation’s long national nightmare, the off-season.

la_g_clay-buchholz_mb_600A quick note out of the Red Sox pitchers first workout, Clay Bucholz tweaked a hamstring during fielding drills. Bucholz is a key to any potential Red Sox success because if Jon Lester doesn’t rebound from his poor showing last year and John Lackey isn’t the player he was with the Angels, Bucholz is the ace. His stuff is that of an ace, but his consistency and injury history have held him back from becoming an elite starter. Is this another in a long line of injuries, or just a quickly disappearing blip on the radar?

Here at Hooking Foul we don’t cover a lot of high school sports, but this amazing full court shot was something else.  I have never seen the ball bounce and go into the hoop during a regulation game before. Apparently the hoop was awarded 3 points, but I’m certain that it should have only been awarded 2 points. I believe the rule states something to the affect of ‘if the ball or the shooter of the ball touches past the 3-point line and the ball goes in the hoop it shall be awarded 2 points’. That is paraphrasing of course, but I believe the spirit of the rule is there. Still great video, watch it below!

Even the most perfect of us are born with problems. For some of us it is physical, some mental, some emotional and some all of the above. For many of us these problems are small, unnoticeable and do not affect our everyday life. For others though the problems can be life consuming. A certain measure of our character can be judged in how we deal with our own problems and how we treat those with problems greater than our own. While special treatment is certainly a necessity in some situations it is often not always desired. For a boy in Oregon who plays high school basketball with a tumor, the line is often crossed more often than he would like, but for 1 game the line between special treatment and an overzealous attempt at charity was blurred perfectly. Read the inspiring story here.

Jay Williams, the former 2nd overall pick of the Chicago Bulls and legend at Duke University, got on a motorcycle many nights and nothing happened. Until the 1 day something did. Williams leg was destroyed, his NBA career was destroyed and for a long time he felt his life was destroyed. Read here about how Williams came to realize that while he certainly threw away his NBA career, he didn’t throw away his life.

brentz1-4_3_r536_c534The Red Sox are short on blue chip prospects. Between trades, injuries, the natural plateauing of prospects and the unfortunate circumstances of Ryan Westmoreland, the last thing the Red Sox needed was for Bryce Bentz to shoot himself in the leg while cleaning his gun. Bentz should be ready for the start of the season (most likely in Portland), but this level of immaturity in one of their few blue chip prospects puts quit the dim on his shine.


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