Bunting for a Hit 2013: Week 7

imagesNBA All-Star weekend just passed and I fell asleep during the Saturday Night activities. The premier event, the slam dunk contest, needs to be saved. It needs star power. It needs Lebron and the other jumpers of his caliber. TNT reporter David Aldridge has the way to get those guys, he says put an absurd sum of money, 10 million dollars, in the center of the court and tell them winner takes all. That is a great idea, and if they find enough corporate sponsorship to get a prize of 5 million for the 3-point contest or 20 million for the guy who wins both, ratings will go through the roof. Were the NBA able to pull that idea off I would watch EVERY year, not fall asleep and wait with baited breath for each dunk, much like I did as a 9 year old watching Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins go mano-a-mano in the greatest dunk contest I’ve ever seen.

images (1)Speaking of Jordan, his trainer has said that he could average 20 points a night in the NBA right now, today, this year. Jordan just turned 50. In his final year of the disastrous Wizards experiment he averaged exactly 20 points per game. He was 39 years old then. 11 years later, he will be able to do the same thing? I highly doubt it. Is he the greatest player to ever live? Its debatable, but even the best of the best can’t do it forever and 50 is too old for the everyday rigors of the NBA.

images (2)Felix Doubront came into spring training overweight and out of shape. This doesn’t bode well for his spot in the rotation. Most people had Doubront penciled into the 4th spot in the rotation after what was a solid 1st full season in the majors. He was supposed to give the Sox between 135 and 175 solid innings of work. If he is unable to do that, I don’t know the Sox will fill those innings. Undoubtedly it will be with someone far less talented, and with far less upside than Doubront and that will have meant he let his teammates down. I would hope that 1 day athletes will realize how important it is to not let your teammates down by showing up for the start of the season out of shape, because they tend to get a rude awakening when the games start to matter.

images (3)Dr. Jerry Buss created something many have tried to imitate, but try as they may no one has been able to recreate Showtime. Dr. Buss died Monday at the age of 80. He bought the Lakers the year I was born, and kept them competitive by hiring the people who knew what he wanted to see on the court and how to make it happen. He is one of the best owners in the history professional sports and in his 30+ years as owner of the Lakers won 10 titles. His kids hate each other, his son seems ill equipped to run the basketball side of the operation, while his daughter has been hugely successful with the business side. I hope they make their late father proud and keep the Lakers in prominence until they choose to pass the franchise along.

images (4)Mindy McCready allegedly committed suicide this weekend. She is only of prominence here because of the alleged relationship she had with Roger Clemens. My hope above all hopes is that 1 day Roger decides to sit down and tell the story of his life to an author. The truth, every piece of it. Sadly, I am not sure he even knows what is true and what it false at this point anymore, but god damn its a hell of a life even with just all the alleged things he has done.

images (5)The Bruins spent time Monday holding a hockey clinic and signing autographs in Newtown, CT, the site of the terrible tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. The children of that school have gone through something that no one should. Veterans of wars have gone through less and never recovered. I wish every child in that school the best possible future, and hope that they can overcome the horrible tragedy that befell them that December day.

563321_4666185126419_1335879785_nTom and Lynne (my Mom and Dad) are down in Florida and today were on the field at the Red Sox Jet Blue Park training facility. I may not think the Red Sox are going to be very good, but I’m most certainly jealous of their ability to get up close and personal with the teams work outs. Who am I kidding, I’m just jealous they are in a warm climate while we here back in New England are still slogging through the snow.





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