Bunting for a Hit 2013: Week 11

1363531056909The week “Oz The Great and Powerful” comes out who gets in a hot air balloon accident? Donte Stallworth. I don’t think this is coincidence and I plan on going over those credits with a fine tooth comb to find out if he is actually a producer of the movie or a part owner of 1 of the special effects companies used to create a 2013 Oz.

images (6)Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn are dating. They want their relationship to be acknowledged, but private. So I guess that we can be assured we won’t see them at a Perkins pancake house? Now let me ask you this, Tiger is a guy who likes his, as Family Guy’s Stewie might say, “sexy time”.  Now her leg is all sorts of fucked up after a crash. So can she provide the goods he is looking for in that condition or is he still trolling pancake houses?

Here is my bracket for 2013. Duke as champ is boring, but getting there isn’t too boring. The whole of the tournament is crazy wide open. I could see 7 of the 8 1 and 2 seeds winning it all.

Preview of “ESPN - Tournament Challenge - RiceTwist 1”

images (5)Patriots have added Adrian Wilson, Danny Amendola, Leon Washington and Donald Jones. They have retained Aqib Talib and Kyle Arrington and lost Wes Welker, Patrick Cheung and Danny Woodhead. All in all I think the Patriots team in 2013 will be better than the 2012 team that won the AFC championship game. The continuity in the secondary and the upgrade of Wilson over Cheung will help the defense. Washington is a kick return specialist who should greatly impact offensive starting field position. It will be interesting to see how Amendola and Jones fit in the receiving core, neither will replace Welker, but I do think we will see more of the offense scheme design that we saw in weeks 1 and 2 when Edelman was a focus. The most interesting loss to me Woodhead. They must feel that Shane Vereen can step into that 3rd down roll as a pass catcher, draw runner and blitz picker upper.

images (4)Now for the weekly Red Sox Spring Training update. The press seems to be wanting to cram Jackie Bradley onto the roster and into left field with David Ortiz being out indefinitely. That would put Jonny Gomes at DH. As much as I don’t want to see Gomes play leftfield, I don’t want to see Bradley in the majors yet. He hasn’t played enough games even at AA yet for me to be comfortable with him making that sort of level jump. Jon Lester threw 6 perfect innings the other day. If he is back to being an ace, I still think you trade him. The pitching has been far better than I expected. True it is only spring training numbers, but I think the pitching staff can be ok. The problem is truly going to be the defense and the run support. They have no 3 or 4 hitter and about 3 guys who should hit 6th, but will end up hitting 3, 4 and 5.

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