Bunting for a Hit 2013: Week 12

We have gotten way behind in many things here at Hooking Foul and I apologize for that, but without further adieu here is this weeks Bunting for a Hit, a day late, but with some great great news.

imagesAnd that news is that this will be Tim McCarvers final season as a Fox baseball analyst. A couple years ago we got rid of the other announcing bane of my existence Joe Morgan, and now we will finally get rid of McCarver. He was a good player, and a decent analyst when he was younger, but I’ve felt he has mailed it in and relied on stories from his playing days for far too long. Were he to come of as an endearing grandpa telling tales of old that would be one thing, but to me he comes off as the crotchety old man telling everyone to get off his lawn. I don’t wish the man ill, just hoping to be able to enjoy the Saturday game of the week on Fox without turning the volume down.

Hockey doesn’t come up much here because I don’t know much about hockey outside of its played on ice and in NHLPA 93 for Sega you can make Gretzky’s head bleed, but here is a video of Mr. T scoring during a Philadelphia Flyers intermission event.

I may not know much about hockey, but I feel like an expert when hockey involves Mr. T because I know TONS about Mr. T. Some will want to call him B.A. Baracus, others Clubber Lang it doesn’t matter because both are still completely bad ass. I watch reruns of the A-Team regularly and Rocky III is my favorite Rocky movie by far. Why? Mr. T. (Although Dwight Schultz as Murdock in the A-Team certainly doesn’t hurt at all.)


images (1)The Celtics, since almost ending the Miami Heat’s spectacular winning streak, have taken 3 giant step backwards and now stink. They are in danger of falling into the 8th spot of the playoff seeding and facing that streaking Miami team in the first round of the playoffs. As currently constructed and going against Mr. All World Lebron James the Celtics would certainly be destined for a quick exit from postseason play and stuck in the worst place to be in the NBA, no man’s land. No man’s land in the NBA is a team good enough to get into the playoffs, but bad enough not to win. Those teams don’t draft early enough to get better through the draft, have too much salary committed to get marquee free agents and NBA trades involving great players always involve giving up great players in return. So for a while I think we are going to have to see these Celtics set in mediocrity.

Look tomorrow for the Jackie Bradley Jr. issue to addressed in detail.

And later this week for a recap of last Sunday’s AL only dynasty league draft.

Then a look at American League fantasy sure things, sleepers and busts.

And finally a look at each American League division and my predictions for how the AL will shape  up in 2013.

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