Bunting for a Hit: Turkey Wrap

curling_fThere is a shit ton going on right now in sports. 3 of the major leagues are in game operation, with the NFL being in full swing as the playoff picture begins to take shape. Don’t forget about college football either as we approach the ridiculous number of “bowl” games, but even with all those meaningless bowls in the mix, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t watch 2 incredible football games Saturday with THE Ohio State University vs. Michigan and the Auburn beating the 2 time reigning National Champion Alabama on a play that has to compare with only a walk off grand slam in terms of game ending plays. Major League Baseball’s hot stove is starting to pick up even in a down free agent year. NBC won’t let us forget that the Winter Olympics are going to happen in Russia, but until they reunite Tonya, Nancy and a crowbar I don’t know that I’m super interested. Unless I can figure out how to make or join a curling pool. I saw those guys in picture at a Bosstones Throwdown in 2011 I think!

downloadLocally in the Boston area Tom Brady has proven to be every bit as good as anybody ever claimed. The Celtics stink, but in the NBA Eastern Conference that means they could still be a top 5 seed in the playoffs. I wish that was a joke. The Bruins look a lot like a team that went to the Stanley Cup Finals, dominate most nights at home, winning on the road, but with the NHL taking a break for the Olympics it is really hard for me to get excited about the meaning of NHL games until at least March. The Red Sox haven’t made any real moves yet, they haven’t lost any one of super consequence, nor signed anyone worth mentioning either.  They seem to be playing the waiting game of sorts as do a lot of teams waiting for Robinson Cano to sign his deal and set the market for a guy like Ellsbury.

I’m watching Seattle v. New Orleans right now and Seattle just went up 17-0 with 1:55 left in the first quarter. That’s not to say the Saints can’t rally because the Saints can put up points, but the Seattle defense and the wet conditions will make that difficult as the Saints struggle away from the SuperDome. The question will be if Seattle can maintain the intensity or if they become complacent having a lead.

dt.common.streams.StreamServerI’ve heard time and time again how rare it is the way Auburn defeated Alabama, on a 109 yard missed field goal for a touchdown. Well its not so rare that it didn’t happen during my high school coaching career! We were on defense in overtime #2. We had failed to score on our chance in OT #2 so if the next town over rival simply kicked a field goal we lose for the 20th year in a row. They line up for the kick, its certainly not a chip shot, but far more likely to be too long and wide in either direction that short, but we put a return man back there anyway. He catches it, and about 12 seconds later the kids are all in a pile in the opposite endzone and I’m busy calculating stats and preparing for the onslaught that will be coming my way from the press. After all of that and we are alone as coached in the coaches room we look at each other and just say, “can you fucking believe that?” over and over again. Then when we got the game tape we must have watched the play 100 times in the span of a couple of hour, reliving our greatest moment as high school coaches.

Well looky here a YouTube video of highlights of the game! Check it out, I may be biased, but it really was a great, great game and a great, great party after! No video of the after party, sorry.

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