Sochi Olympics Preview, Sort Of

sochi-2014Sochi…Sochi…Sochi. Sounds like the girl’s name in a bad 1 night stand. Or maybe a bad mid 90’s Toyota 2 door, 3 cylinder coupe. Possibly even an extinct creature whose existence is questioned by Carl Everett. It certainly doesn’t sound like a Russian city, home of the 2014 Winter Olympics. I don’t think it sounds at all like a Russian Name of anything, even a Russian girl in a 1 night stand. I took 3 years of high school Russian (yes, really) and sleeping through those 4 years I learned very little. So I am clearly a Russian expert.Now that my qualifications as a Russian expert have been established let me tell you what I think about the Sochi Olympics. Nothing.  


Russian Hockey Star Alexander Ovechkin

Will I enjoy the hockey? Yes, Olympic hockey is always filled with great drama, intensity and puts on display the world’s best players. What else is there? I find curling fascinating to watch around a bar with strangers because everyone thinks they can be an Olympic curler because they probably can. But on the whole these Olympics have zero draw. With Lindsey Vonn out the only American star is Shaun White and he has already pulled out of 1 event due to, lets call it Sochi’s poor conditions.

That the real story of Sochi, the conditions. The first events start tonight. and venues and hotels aren’t finished. Dogs are running rampant in the streets, on the courses and in the hotels. There is very little evidence that anything will be done on time or that anything will be officially done for the dogs besides killing them. (Thankfully some volunteers have stepped in and been trying to save them.)

Golf clap for the IOC

Golf clap for the IOC

Let us all take a second to applaud the International Olympic Committee for their due diligence in researching how appropriate and capable Sochi was to host an Olympics. For years I have theorized that the IOC has cared less about the readiness, appearance and function of the Olympic host cities and far more about lining their pockets. I’m not accusing anyone specific of taking bribes, but if evidence was brought to my attention I certainly wouldn’t be surprised, and a lot of the decisions made by the IOC would become far more explainable.

I truly am for a pure contest of sporting events between countries from all around the world. The Olympics though have become a commercialized, television fueled, potentially corrupt travesty of what is was and could be again. Sports are meant to be about competition within a set of rules. That is the Olympics that I want to see, but with all the issues surrounding the Sochi Olympics, including the very real threat of a terrorist attack that I will not joke about, has perverted the entire experience for me.


Feel the rhythm, Feel the rhyme, get on up, its bobsled time!

The intrigue of the Sochi Olympics at this point is about terrorists, dogs, and venue/hotel operations. The IOC needs to have better oversight of the host cities. They need to show they give a shit because its turned my stomach enough that I’m going to have a hard time watching any of it, even the Jamaican Bobsled team, and I love the Jamaican Bobsled team.

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