Say Goodnight Irene

Don Orsillo has been let go by the Boston Red Sox as their play by play man on the NESN TV Network. That’s phrasing it nicely. In reality they shit canned him. And maybe that’s too mean, as his contract expires at the end of 2015 and they have chosen not to even offer him a new one. But WTF NESN?

If they'd fired him for this goatee I'd have understood.
If they’d fired him for this goatee I’d have understood.

Aren’t there enough problems on Yawkey Way without creating even more animus in the fan base by upsetting the viewing audience? I guess the feeling idea is, “shit around here is already in flux, lets do everything we want to do.” And the truth of the matter is, that is their right. I don’t think it makes a lot of sense, but it is their right.

The shake ups keep coming at Fenway Park. Its like a baby first discovering a snow globe. Shake, watch the snow settle, repeat.

Larry Lucchino, Ben Cherington and Orsillo are all gone. Would John Farrell still be here if he wasn’t discovered to have cancer? I have to say probably not. So who is next?

It doesn’t much matter. Sentimentality has gone out the window completely. The focus of Red Sox ownership is creating wins, which create NESN ratings, which drives ad rates. Apparently the feeling was the Orsillo somehow hampered ratings. Or was going to be so costly that it didn’t make sense to bring him back. Either way the play on the field is the problem with the ratings, not Orsillo. 3 of the last 4 years the Red Sox have been the little Red Stockinged caboose of the AL East.

My advice to the Red Sox, fix the team on the field and you will have your ratings and more.

My advice to the legions of Sox fans talking about saving Orsillo and creating petitions. Save your time and effort. They aren’t bringing him back. They only care that you watch and support the advertisers, they don’t care what you think. They will tell you what to think and you can either like it or root for a different team. We are Bostonians though, we don’t root for a different team we suffer through with the Red Sox. That used to mean 86 years without a World Series title. Now it means we deal with ownership that has sacrificed sentimentality not only on the field, but now once in the radio booth and once in the TV booth.

Try not to get attached Sox Fans to anything, except maybe the park, but only because they sunk so much money into it. Oh and you can call this a gut feeling, but beers prices are going up next year.

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