DraftKings Week 8 Review

For the first time this year I failed to land in the money in back to back weeks on DraftKings. That’s not great, but it was likely to happen eventually. It was what I’m going to call a very top heavy week at DraftKings, meaning that the top scorers scored an ass load of points and then there were a bunch of guys who had ok weeks. So let’s review my top/bottom 3s and my teams!

Remember going in all the ownerships percentages are from the millionaire maker.

Top 3 QB plays

  • Philip Rivers (SD) $6600 vs Baltimore. 31.3% owned. 27.04 points scored. 7th ranked QB. Rivers had another good week as the pieces of his team disappear around him. In a week where QBs 1 and 2 were over 40 points each, 27 is a nice score.
  • Matt Ryan (ATL) $7100 vs Tampa Bay. 6.2% owned. 25.08 points scored. 9th ranked QB. Another top 10 pick. Ryan wasn’t particularly good, but puts up another good week. Good enough to likely get you in the money.
  • Cam Newton (CAR) $6800 vs Indianapolis. 7.9% owned. 20.02 points scored. 12th ranked QB. The rain killed his performance. He was still good, but the turnovers really killed his ability to put up a great week.

Bottom 3 QB plays

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (NYJ) $5200 vs. Oakland. 6.5% owned. 3.04 points scored. 29th ranked QB. I got this right for the worst reason as Fitz left the game due to injury, but its was right and the Jets didn’t show up anyway so it was probably right anyway.
  • Jameis Winston (TB) $5200 vs Atlanta. .8% owned. 19.48 points scored. 14th ranked QB. 14th is too low to matter, but he played pretty well and if he starts making real use of those legs he will be a weekly top 5 fantasy QB.
  • Andrew Luck (IND) $7400 vs Carolina. .5% owned. 17.74 points scored. 15th ranked QB. Again 15th is too low to matter for DK, and Luck only really played well for 1 quarter so I don’t see Luck being too relevant for a while.

Top 3 RB plays

  • Justin Forsett (BAL) $6100 vs San Diego. 23.3% owned. 8.4 points scored. 31st ranked RB. Forsett was quite the disappointment, but the game flow really hurt his ability to get into a groove. A strong play with a poor result.
  • Todd Gurley (STL) $6300 vs San Francisco. 64.1% owned. 26.6 points scored. 1st ranked RB. You get #1 and you are happy, regardless of ownership percentage.
  • Doug Martin (TB) $5500 vs. Atlanta. 20.4% owned. 8.80 points scored. 30th ranked RB. Martin and Forsett were similar plays in terms of ownership percentage, points scored and disappointment. Still good plays though.

Bottom 3 RB plays

  • Latavius Murray (OAK) $5900 vs New York (AFC). .8% owned. 15.9 points scored. 10th ranked RB. He ended up being a top 10 play and that’s pretty good. Jets didn’t show up so maybe that’s the reason he was good.
  • Devonta Freeman (ATL) $8000 vs Tampa Bay. 24.6% owned. 19.1 points scored. 6th ranked RB. I didn’t think he would be this good, but I also didn’t think the top 6 threshold would be so low. Injuries really left some guys out that would likely have been above Freeman pushing him out of the top 10.
  • Darren McFadden (DAL) $3800 vs Seattle. 13.7% owned. 17.30 points scored. 8th ranked RB. Another top 10 guy I picked, but the number of touches he had was insane. He WAS the Cowboys offense, and probably will be until they get Tony Romo back.

Top 3 WR plays

  • Stefon Diggs $4800. (MIN)vs Chicago. 49.7% owned. 21.5 points scored. 17th ranked WR. I didn’t expect that high an ownership percentage, but top 17 is still a good score, especially at that price.
  • Tavon Austin $4600. (ARZ) vs Baltimore. 5.6%owned. 26.9 points scored. 8th ranked WR. AND/OR John Brown $5500. 108% owned. 16.5 points scored. 18th ranked WR. I crushed my homer run pick for the second week in a row. I just wish I had crushed a couple of my non homerun picks!
  • Odell Beckham Jr. $8700 (NYG) vs New Orleans. 5.3% owned. 42 points scored. 1st ranked WR. I got the number 1 WR and the 1 RB and I didn’t land in the money. That doesn’t seem possible, but it was and it seem Eli realized that throwing to ODB is a good move.

Bottom 3 WR plays

  • Randall Cobb $7000 (GB) vs Denver. 2.1% owned. 9.7 points scored. 41st ranked WR. Nailed this one. Probably not a great play going forward, he has never seemed healthy and the rest of the Green Bay team is also struggling. If he isn’t going to look healthy after the bye week is he ever going to?
  • Ty Hilton $6900 (IND) vs Carolina. 2.4% owned. 2.5 points scored. 78th ranked WR. I crushed this one, not much else to say.
  • Mike Evans $6800 (TB) vs. Atlanta. 13.8% owned. 7.8 points scored. 47th ranked WR. I crushed this one too.

Top 3 TE plays

  • Jason Witten $5200 (DAL) vs Seattle. 2.6% owned. 3.6 points scored. 28th ranked TE. Poor choice, more because Matt Cassel was awful than Witten wasn’t open.
  • Tyler Eifert $5300 (CIN) vs Pittsburgh. 19.7% owned. 7.9 points scored. 19th ranked TE. This was the play that killed my lineup because I really wanted to play Ben Watson and didn’t because I had extra money.
  • Ben Watson $3500 (NO) vs New York (NFC). 11.3% owned. 32.7 points scored. 1st ranked TE. If I suggest the guy who becomes the #1 TE and he wasn’t the most expensive guy going in, I’ve done my job.

Bottom 3 TE plays

  • Jimmy Graham $5100 (SEA) vs Dallas. 2.2% owned. 14.5 points scored. 10th ranked TE. He wasn’t a bad call, but not a great one either. If you avoided, you are likely happy.
  • Gary Barnidge $4900 (CLE) vs. Arizona. 8.3% owned. 18.3 points scored. 6th ranked TE. I’m going to stop saying don’t play Barnidge now.
  • Antonio Gates, Ladarius Green $3000 (SD) vs. Baltimore. 2.8 % owned. 9.6 points scored. 15th ranked TE. With Gates in Green was useless and Gates was OK.

So let’s get to my lineup.

QB – Teddy Bridgewater (MIN) $5100. 2% owned. 12.58 points scored. 21st ranked QB. Very happy with the ownership percentage, not as happy with his scoring against a bad Bears team.

RB – Matt Forte (CHI) $7300. 4.7% owned. 10.9 points scored. 24th ranked RB. Can’t predict injuries and you just sort of have to hope they don’t happen or are overcome by your other guys having great days.

RB – Doug Martin (TB) $550. 20.4% owned. 8.8 points scored. 30th ranked backround. Disappointment.

WR – Tavon Austin (STL) $4600. 5.6% owned. 26.9 points scored. 8th ranked WR. Like I said above, killed it.

WR – Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG) $8700. 5.3% owned. 42 points scored. 1st ranked WR. This is the Odell Beckham Jr. we all were looking for.

WR – Stefon Diggs (MIN) $4800. 49.7% owned. 21.5 points scored. 17th ranked WR. A good solid call like I said above.

TE – Tyler Eifert (CIN) $5300. 19.7% owned. 7.9 points scored. 19th ranked TE.Not a great call in hindsight, I still don’t hate the call though.

FLEX – Jeremy Hill (CIN) $5300. .9% owned. 7.8 points scored. 33rd ranked WR. I think they are progressing back toward focusing on Hill getting the majority of the carries and the stats tended to show that. One of these weeks!

DST – Rams ($3200). 49% owned. 12 points scored. 5th ranked DST. The defense was a little higer owned than I like, but as long as it scores well I’m ok with it.

A merely depressing week with some very nice picks mixed in. We are working on some more predictive stuff and will be back with that in the next couple of weeks!

See you back here tomorrow with the NFL:64 which will have all my picks laid out and 2 things about each team. Find me on twitter @HookingFoul, email me HookingFoul@gmail.com or find the Hooking Foul facebook page!

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