NFL 64: Week 12


Week 12 is here and Thanksgiving week is always weird week. Teams will start actually clinching playoff spots soon, both in the real NFL and in your fantasy leagues! The best game of the weekend will probably be the Seahawks hosting the Steelers. Neither team is great, but I think both are very good and are very evenly matched.

I’m of course personally interested in what could be the final Brady vs. Manning Bowl. Oh Manning isn’t playing? That’s a shame. Also can it really be called a rivalry when Brady has won 11 games and Manning has won 5? I mean that’s more than twice as that’s not an entirely fair statement, I know, but it’s still true.

The underrated game of the week for me is going to be Giants and Redskins because I think they might start scoring points like the Giants and Saints did earlier this year. The Bucs and Colts game could be a nice, sort of weird, but good non conference game. I think the Bucs have gotten very good pretty quick and I don’t think the Colts can maintain their 3 game win streak with Matt Hasselback under center. And if they can, than they fucked up starting Andrew Luck at anything less than 100%.

I’m not sure it’s going to be a very good game, but the Falcons hosting the Vikings has some pretty deep playoff implications. Were the Falcons to win (and I don’t think they will) it would create a very different Wild Card race and make the NFC North race suddenly a race for 1 remaining playoff spot instead of how it has looked for weeks that the NFC North and runner up would both get into the playoffs with ease. And the Falcons win any team without 6 wins is going to be struggling to even see how they can get into the playoffs. Big week.

No more bye weeks! No need to worry about getting a zero because of that at least!


Sun 1pm
NO (4-6) @ HOU (5-5) STL (4-6) @ CIN (8-2)
MIN (7-3) @ ATL (6-4) NYG (5-5) @ WAS (4-6)
TB (5-5) @ IND (5-5) BUF (5-5) @ KC (5-5)
OAK (4-6) @ TEN (2-8) SD (2-8) @ JAC (4-6)
MIA (4-6) @ NYJ (5-5)
Sun 4pm
ARZ (8-2) @ SF (3-7) PIT (6-4) @ SEA (5-5)
Sun 8pm
NE (10-0) @ DEN (8-2)
BAL (3-7) @ CLE (2-8)
1 Patriots 1 0
2 Panthers 2 0
3 Cardinals 3 0
4 Bengals 5 1
5 Vikings 4 -1
6 Steelers 6 0
7 Giants 7 0
8 Seahawks 8 0
9 Packers 9 0
10 Chiefs 10 0
11 Broncos 11 0
12 Texans 22 10
13 Raiders 12 -1
14 Redskins 19 5
15 Bears 18 3
16 Buccaneers 20 4
17 Falcons 16 -1
18 Bills 13 -5
19 Jets 14 -5
20 Dolphins 17 -3
21 Rams 15 -6
22 Jaguars 21 1
23 Colts 23 0
24 Cowboys 26 -2
25 Lions 30 5
26 Eagles 24 -2
27 Saints 25 -2
28 Ravens 27 -1
29 Titans 28 -1
30 Chargers 29 -1
31 Browns 31 0
32 49ers 32 0


NEW ORLEANS (4-6) @ HOUSTON (5-5) [-3]

  • I don’t care that the Saints fired Rob Ryan they still don’t have an players on defense. They may score a few points, but even that is unlikely with the rebirth of the Texans defense.
  • You are likely playing Drew Brees and Brandin Cooks, but I doubt either of them help your team too much.
  • The Texans defense is back to being legit and while i suspect them to bend more than they have the last few weeks against the Saints, I certainly don’t expect them to break like they did earlier in the season.
  • DeAndre Hopkins and the Texans defense are the only guys you want in fantasy regularly. This week Brian Hoyer is worth a start.

Texans 34, Saints 16

ST. LOUIS (4-6) @ CINCINNATI (8-2) [-9.5]

  • The Rams blew it, like a lot of teams last week and have sort of fallen apart completely on both sides of the ball. Is Todd Gurley really this fumble susceptible? If he is he might not be the cornerstone offensive piece the Rams need hi to be until they find a passing game.
  • Todd Gurley and the Rams defense are the only guys you want in fantasy and I’m not sure I want either this week in CIncy.
  • They did almost everything they needed to do in Arizona last week, and the last part (winning the game) wasn’t 100% necessary, but they need to play well against a very good team and they did, on the road in primetime.
  • The only Bengals I’m wary of are the RBs, Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard and I’m pretty sure Bernard will be ok if you are in a PPR league.

Bengals 31, Rams 10

MINNESOTA (7-3) @ ATLANTA (6-4) [-2]

  • You want to give me points with the Vikings, well thank you very much, they are going to win the game outright. Adrian Peterson bounces back this week in a big way and I know the talk is that Atlanta shuts down passing games, well they can’t play that same brand of pass defense when you have to worry about Peterson getting 25-30 touches. Stefon Diggs is a nice sleeper this week.
  • Start Peterson, Diggs and Kyle Rudolph has been interesting in the last few weeks. Teddy Bridgewater isn’t an awful play if you are ok with getting 15 to 20 points, but he has very little upside.
  • This team is total free fall mode, they soared way to high those first couple of weeks and are now paying the price and falling down like Michael Douglas in, well, Falling Down. I don’t expect them to rebound against a very good Vikings team, who has proven they can win tough games, something Atlanta has yet to prove in any way.
  • Devonta Freeman has been ruled out so Tevin Coleman will be the man against a very good run defense, despite their performance against Eddie Lacy last week. Start Matt Ryan and Julio Jones because you should almost always start Jones and most times Ryan.

Vikings 27, Falcons 13

NEW YORK (NFC) (5-5) @ WASHINGTON (4-6) [1.5]

  • The Giants are really good coming off the bye and are playing a team that can’t stop aggressive downfield passing games. Look for Odell Beckham to emerge from this game with multiple scores and to lead the Giants to big lead in the NFC East.
  • Start Eli Manning, Beckham and Shane Vereen. Rashad Jennings is an interesting possible flex play as I feel like he is the guy Tom Coughlin trust the most to run the clock out.
  • The Redskins lost by a good amount of points to the Panthers last week and I moved them up in my rankings. Not because i felt they played particularly close to the Panthers, but that they showed improvement over their game with the Pats 2 weeks prior.
  • Kirk Cousins and Jordan Reed are the only no brainer starters. The WRs are all interesting and I’m staying far away from the RBs even though I like Matt Jones future, he can’t help you consistently now.

Giants 44, Redskins 38

TAMPA BAY (5-5) @ INDIANAPOLIS (5-5) [-3]

  • This Tamp Bay team is hot and on a roll, you want to give me 3 points? I’ll take them, no brainer.
  • Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, Doug Martin and Vincent Jackson are all healthy so start them all, especially on turf against the Colts.
  • Listen I don’t think Matt Hasselbeck can go 4-0 as a starter even if this game wasn’t against the surging Bucs.
  • I’m staying away from Colts if I can.

Bucs 24, IND 17

BUFFALO (5-5) @ KANSAS CITY (5-5) [-5.5]

  • The Bills should be better than this, even if Rex Ryan isn’t a good head coach and Tyrod Taylor isn’t a starting QB. The defense is grossly underperforming in terms of execution and overperforming in terms of committing penalties, still. My Friend Craig is ready to try and put a team together to buy the team just so he can fire Rex Ryan.
  • I don’t think I can start any Bills after watching them underperform against the Patriots defense and having watched the KC defense dominate of late.
  • I don’t know how historic this rebound of the Chiefs is, but it is certainly impressive. The best part is they are getting so far ahead Andy Reid doesn’t have to think about game management and blow it.
  • Travis Kelce, whomever the starting RB is and Alex Smith is good for probably 18-20 fantasy points this week.

Chiefs 24, Bills 10

OAKLAND (4-6) @ TENNESSEE (2-8) [1.5]

  • Vegas is OFF the Raiders and probably rightfully so, but I still think they cover 1.5 against a Titans team that just isn’t very good. I still want to the Raiders to rally and make the playoffs because I think they will be a fun team, but they seem to fail in the big moment a lot like Jack Del Rio teams in Jacksonville did. Not a great sign for Raiders teams, as Del Rio stuck around holding the Jags in mediocrity for what seemed like an eternity.
  • Start you Raiders, I don’t’ love any of them in particular, but think they all can have pretty good games, as long as the Raiders we saw a few weeks ago show up.
  • How badly do Titans fans just want the season to end so the roster revamp can begin? I mean I don’t know what else there is to say after that.
  • Are you comfortable starting anyone wearing a Titans uniform? I’m sure as hell not. Maybe Delanie Walker, but that’s a weak maybe.

Raiders 24, Titans 10

SAN DIEGO (2-8) @ JACKSONVILLE (4-6) [-3.5]

  • This is Philip Rivers nightmare. A team of injured players around him and no chance at making the playoffs. Can he get himself up to play the role of spoiler? It sort of doesn’t matter because I’m not sure any of the guys around him are good enough to help him spoil anyone else’s playoffs aspirations.
  • I don’t think you can start anyone on the Chargers.
  • Well had things gone well for Jacksonville’s division mates last week this would be a tale of a different stripe, but if they keep winning the Jags still have a good to great shot at winning the division. Can’t get ahead of themselves though, just play hard and keep winning.
  • Blake Bortles, TJ Yeldon and the WRs are very good starts, and Julius Thomas started to show why they paid a bagillion dollars for him last week. Thomas has always been streaky so this could be the upswing.

Jaguars 35, Chargers 17

MIAMI (4-6) @ NEW YORK (AFC) (5-5) [-4]

  • The Dolphins are just seemingly snake bit in 2015, every time they inch closer to relevancy they trip over their own feet. They should be better regardless of the coach not being very ready to develop and implement NFL gameplans.
  • I’m not afraid of the Jets defense anymore, but I’m not enthralled with how the Dolphins offense has developed under Dan Campbell, and that’s to say that it really hasn’t. And when it has fallen behind what it tends to do is forget that they are a better team when they run the ball and start putting in the air.
  • The Jets were 4-1 at one point this season and now they are 5-5. Talk about ups and downs. Pretty disgusting fall from grace. I mean Ryan Fitzpatrick was never as good as he looked early and the defense was never going to be able to maintain their turnover creation ratio. So some of it was inevitable, but they almost aren’t even competitive anymore.
  • I think Chris Ivory’s fantasy relevance is done for 2015, see you for the first 8 games of 2016 Chris! Brandon marshall is a stud if Fitz can get him the ball.

Dolphins 24, Jets 20


ARIZONA (8-2) @ SAN FRANCISCO (5-5) [10.5]

  • The Cardinals are one of many teams rolling and taking care of business the last few weeks, and they are rewarded with the 49ers this week. Sure it’s on the road, but once you win in Seattle, beating Blaine Gabbert can’t be that hard.
  • Start you Cards.
  • Whoa is San Francisco. In the season their great city will host the Super Bowl no one wants to watch the home team even play football. Will they remember how the game is played by the time February rolls around or will they just have the nightmarish recollections of the 2015 49ers burned into their memories? I’m guess the later.
  • If you still have a 49er on your roster please email me,, and tell me why.

Cardinals 42, 49er 14

PITTSBURGH (6-4) @ SEATTLE (5-5) [-4.5]

  • I wanted to pick the Steelers to take down the Seahawks in this game, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, even though I think the Steelers are the better team on a neutral field, this game isn’t on a neutral field. Plus if Big Ben goes down, and it seems that every QB who starts for the Steelers this year goes down in the first quarter, I don’t think Michael Vick can take apart the formerly great and still very good Seattle defense.
  • Start your Steelers, the Seahawks can’t contain great talent and the Steelers offense has lots of that.
  • Seattle can’t really lose anymore games and still think they have a good shot of doing anything in the playoffs. If Thomas Rawls gives them their power running game back then I think they can control the clock and use Jimmy Graham appropriately. If not, the Seahawks playoff hopes will be dashed.
  • Start Thomas Rawls, Russell Wilson and Jimmy Graham. I think those 3 pieces are very complimentary as long as the line is pretty good, and it was against an ok 49ers line last week.

Seahawks 24, Steelers 21


NEW ENGLAND (10-0) @ DENVER (8-2) [3]

  • Injuries are mounting for the Patriots. The test is going to become can they run the ball to control the clock and keep there very good defense fresh. Reliance on their defense will result in less effective execution. Tom Brady is Tom Brady, but as his wife once said, he can’t throw and catch the ball. Not because of the physics, I think Brady is capable of defying physics, but it’s’ against the rules.
  • Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Legarrette Blount and if he is healthy Danny Amendola are all starters. James White has started to integrate himself, if you think you can take his possible 0 in your lineup, he could be a good high upside play. Sidenote: I don’t want to be the guy doubting Tom Brady.
  • How aggressive does Gary Kubiak get with Brock Osweiler against Bill Belichick and the Patriots? Probably not very. Kubiak has to have visions of how badly his Texans teams were crushed by the Pats, even when the talent balance was squarely in favor of the Texans.
  • Osweiler could get you 17 points, he could get you 9 too. Demaryius Thomas is the only no brainer starter because of Emmanuel Sanders injuries.

Patriots 27, Broncos 17


BALTIMORE (3-7) @ CLEVELAND (2-8) [-2]

  • I don’t know who Baltimore is even going to play at some positions, but I still think they are better than the Browns. Matt Schaub is the human pick 6, but that doesn’t bother me against a team as depleted in the secondary as the Browns are.
  • Buck Allen and Kamar Aiken are the guys that interest me. Maybe Crockett Gillmore as Schaub has made TEs relevant in the past, but SOMEONE more consistent has to be on your waiver wire.
  • I get the Browns feel that Johnny Football lied to the Browns, but he played well in his last start and you have to find out what his football value is or else you might as well cut him and wipe your hands of the former first round pick.
  • Gary Barnidge. I guess. Maybe Isaiah Crowell or Duke Johnson? Travis Benjamin?

Ravens 38, Browns 28

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