NFL 64: Week 14


1 Panthers 1 0
2 Cardinals 3 +1
3 Bengals 3 +1
4 Patriots 2 -2
5 Seahawks 6 +1
6 Broncos 7 +1
7 Chiefs 8 +1
8 Steelers 9 +1
9 Vikings 5 -4
10 Packers 10 0
11 Jets 14 +3
12 Buccaneers 17 +2
13 Bills 20 +7
14 Raiders 13 -1
15 Redskins 12 -3
16 Bears 15 -1
17 Texans 11 -6
18 Giants 16 -2
19 Falcons 19 -1
20 Colts 19 -1
21 Dolphins 21 0
22 Lions 23 +1
23 Eagles 26 +3
24 Rams 22 -2
25 Cowboys 25 0
26 Jaguars 24 -2
27 Saints 27 0
28 Ravens 28 0
29 Chargers 29 0
30 Titans 30 0
31 49ers 32 +1
32 Browns 31 -1


MINNESOTA (8-4) @ ARIZONA (10-2) [-7.5]

  • I was far more excited about this game before the Vikings laid a giant egg against the Seahawks at home last week. Twice in 3 weeks now the Vikings have disappointed when presented with a chance to secure a tight grip on the NFC North and now after Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary find themselves again a Wild Card instead of a division winner. Being in the playoffs is still great, and they have already improved on last year’s record, but the disappointment has to be creeping in at these missed opportunities.
  • Adrian Peterson is the only guy who interests me in fantasy this week. Stefon Diggs has the talent, but they don’t trust Teddy Bridgewater enough to get him 10+ targets a game and that kills his fantasy value.
  • The Cardinals have had some struggles compared to their early season successes, but that’s a first world NFL problem as the Cards are my second ranked team. They are playing very good, very solid football and I expect them to roll, much like the Seahawks did against a Vikings team who has proved that while they might be a playoff team, they aren’t ready to compete for the top spot in the NFC.
  • Start your healthy Cardinals and that includes John Brown. Brown missing practices has become a maintenance thing, not an inability to get on the field.

Cardinals 31, Vikings 10



  • The Bills win over the Texans in week 13 was their best performance of the season in my opinion. The Texans were running red hot and the Bills were not, but they controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and ended winning going away. Can they build on that momentum while visiting the city fo brotherly love? They should be able to, they have more talent.
  • I’m personally starting Tyrod Taylor, you should start Lesean McCoy and Sammy Watkins seems finally to be consistently putting up numbers. A warning on Watkins though, his target numbers aren’t amazing, so if he has a drop or a poorly thrown ball, he could quickly become a 0 in your lineup.
  • A great win for the Eagles in New England last week likely has Philly fans over thinking the ability of this Eagles team. It’s not that they can’t get into the playoffs, but they aren’t a world beater. They barely moved the ball on offense against the Pats. 2 special team and 1 defensive TD accounted for 60% of their scoring, and that isn’t production you can count on.
  • I don’t know that I want any Eagles right now, outside of maybe Brent Celek. Zach Ertz hasn’t emerged as consistent, Jordan Matthews disappears more often than he reappears, Demarco Murray went and tattle to ownership about his usage. If you are brave Darren Sproles had an ok day last week, but he just isn’t the touches monster you like to rely on in fantasy.

Bills 34, Eagles 24

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