NFL Summation: Week 14

Summationweek14A far quicker summation than weeks gone by.

Straight picks

  • 8-8 (121-87)

Against the spread

  • 6-10 (62-63-3, since week 6)


  • 12-4

Games I got completely wrong (All 3 sets of picks)

Buffalo @ Philly

  • I really expected Lesean McCoy to be a factor after all his talk during the week, he wasn’t and it showed.

Denver @ Oakland

    • I didn’t think Oakland was done, but I thought the Denver defense was good enough to propel them to a victory in the Bay Area. Khalil Mack decided he had other plans and Brock Osweiler gave into Mack’s ideas.

Games I got mostly wrong (2 of 3 picks wrong)

San Francisco @ Cleveland

    • I never thought either team was good, but I thought San Fran had momentum and that Cleveland might as well have given up. Hey I got the under right!

Detroit @ St. Louis

    • I hated this game because I had no idea if the Lions could bounce back after the Hail Mary lose. It was a pretty close game for a time, which is why I hit the under, but the Lions didn’t have enough.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

    • Well the very early Andy Dalton injury hurts the ability to know if I was wrong or right. Still got the over correct.

San Diego @ Kansas City

    • The rain really crushed the ability of these teams to move the ball. The Chiefs won, but didn’t cover and also the 13 points was WAY under in a game I thought that would see the scoreboard break. Stupid rain.

Washington @ Chicago

    • Da Bears have really screwed me in a million ways this year it seems. The Redskins hadn’t proven to me they could do anything worthwhile on the road I guess I needed to trust that the Bears home field advantage is more of a disadvantage.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

    • The true Lovie Smith showed up when his Bucs couldn’t beat the Saints at home in a must win game. I still got the under right.

New York (NFC) @ Miami

    • I didn’t get the winning team right because the Dolphins seemed to give up on running the ball, again. Odell Beckham Jr is really good isn’t he?

Games I got mostly right (2 out of 3 picks right)

Green Bay @ Dallas

    • I didn’t think the Green Bay defense was good enough to keep the Cowboys out of the end zone. I didn’t count on the Cowboys offense being bad enough to keep themselves out.

Games I got completely right (3 out of 3 picks right)

Minnesota @ Arizona

    • Pretty easy game here, the Vikings scored a little more than I thought, the Cards a little less, but not enough for me to be wrong.

Seattle @ Baltimore

    • The Ravens QB changed and I didn’t know it, it didn’t matter.

Tennessee @ New York (AFC)

    • Easiest pick of the day by far for all 3 picks.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville

    • Got this one very, very right and THAT is the Jaguars team I’ve been looking for all year, are they here to stay?

Atlanta @ Carolina

    • Panthers crushed the Falcons only issue was I gave the Falcons too much credit going into the game.

New England @ Houston

    • I didn’t think a broken hand would limit JJ Watt so much, not that I think him at 100% makes a huge difference.
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