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As the last waves of 2015’s wake are slowly absorbed back into the ocean of each of our lives some of us look back at where that wake was. Or forward to the still water of our new wake. Rarely do we take a moment to appreciate the wake for it’s own magnificence.


Mark loves a good poster


Maybe the last pictures of me with my spleen, Blanta and Jonathan!

2015 left me without my spleen and that experience created a wake that I still feel today, almost a year later. It’s caused me to look back at the foolish actions that led to that, forward to how I can avoid such reckless behavior in the future, and most importantly to appreciate the moment in the moment. While I don’t feel like I’ve ever taken the holidays for granted, I’ve never truly appreciated the unique experience I get to experience with my best friends in the days immediately following Christmas.

They will need music

2015 Night 1 crew!

2015 Night 1 crew!

Those are some of my favorite Bosstones lyrics. They play loud, fun music, with an amazing amount of energy. But most importantly an amazing amount of love. Love for performance, love for their bandmates, love for their city and love for their fans. It translates to the crowd and carries over for days on end.



2014 Night 1 Crew!

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones have now done 18 Hometown Throwdowns. A series of successive nights where the band plays a different set each night. The musicians in the crowd know this is no small feat, especially now for a band that doesn’t play 300 shows a year, as they once did. I can’t speak for the band, but it once felt like a an homage of opulence to their intense year of playing shows. And that was great. It was the band working at their best to put on a their best shows of year for their hometown fans, the fans that launched them from middling Boston band to chart topping Clueless supporting act.

This time of year, It’s my favorite time of year, because all of us are here together


Mirror Selfie! L to R: Mark, My Friend Craig, Andi, Me, Jonathan

Now the Throwdown comes across to me as a love letter to music, to Boston, to friends just happy to be in each other’s presence. This fits in amazingly well with where my friends and I are in life. We don’t live in the same cities, we are all doing our own awesome things, but we miss each other. We get to relive the opulence and indulgences of our youth over 3 nights every year inside the House of Blues listening to our favorite band play our favorite songs. And its perfect.

And to your life be loyal


Lower Depths pregame! L to R: Jonathan, My Friend Craig, Mark, Me, Scotty

After the second night of the show I was chatting with My Friend Craig at one of our favorite watering holes and while we still haven’t realized when we really became friends, we realized that the days immediately following Christmas will forever be a time for us to gather together as a group, not because it’s the holidays, not because it’s a time of year for renewal but because of the fact that the Bosstones began tradition we will forever continue.

It’s so sad to say


Me, Mark, My Friend Craig

I don’t want to think about how the Bosstones are closer to the end of their run than they are the beginning, and that with each successive Throwdown we are chasing the sun away, but in the end I know it’s ok because my friends and I will get together and we will revel in Bosstones song after Bosstones song. Talk about shows we saw, how the set lists ranked against each other.



Me, Blanta and Ben Carr!


I’ll tell the story again, about how I saw one of the few shows Ben “the Bosstone” Carr missed so he could be at the birth of his son. The son that now gets on stage and dances with his dad. It’s amazing, it’s family, it’s everything the Bosstones encourage in their music.



Me, My Friend Craig and Mark getting photo bombed!

My Friend Craig will rub it in that he saw my dream show, Flogging Molly and the Bosstones together! He will also tell us how the times he sees the Bosstones are the best times ever because his presence alone makes them better. (The minor internet fame is really going to his head.)

Mark will regale us of the time he got on stage at the Bosstones minor league ballpark tour, or about getting Blanta with a busted nose.


Jonathan and Mark getting ready for the pit!

Jonathan will start a mosh pit, and even if it’s just the four of us we will skank with the vigor, intensity, love and happiness of an entire sold out House of Blues combined because for us it’s become about more than the music, more than the experience, it’s about being there with each other.

If you haven’t realized it yet, this piece goes out to Mark, Jonathan and My Friend Craig and all the other Bosstones fans out there, except for mouthguard. (He knows who he is.) Love you guys, see you next year at Throwdown 19!


737 almost everyday
Nice to know that someone hears us
It’s good to know somebody’s there
Takin the time to say hello
Taking the time to show you care
Write again and thanks again
From the bottom of my heart
See you soon and till then
737 is a real big part


2015, the year of the Rat, set

2014, the sale of the wall of Santas and Blantas, set

2014, the sale of the wall of Santa’s and Blanta’s, set


2013 set


2012, Citgo Sign, set


2011 set


2010 crew and first wall of Santas and Blantas set

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