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Ok so weeks later here we go with the cartoon recap. Sorry for the delay, but I got pretty busy.








So as a reminder I was looking for people’s favorite cartoon shows. I was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube, the video below in fact. (Crazy how this internet thing works, copy some code and boom video!)

So I’m not going to beat around the bush here, the results were spaced out far more than I imagined they would be. Which is a good thing, its means we aren’t all slaves and clones to media. Well at least those of us who responded. No one named my number 1 show. And only my sister named my number 3 show. Which proves we are all snowflakes. Right?

So to the stats…..

75 cartoons were named by 24 respondents. Averaging 7 cartoons per respondent. Not too shabby.

So unsurprisingly the Simpsons ran away with the top spot with 12 total votes. Most of which added the qualifier, “when it didn’t suck”, which makes me think even more people left it off because now it sucks.

The number 2 spot was a 3 way tie with 8 votes. Family Guy, Loony Tunes, and Animaniacs. I like this slice of data. The older Loony Tunes mixed in with the newer Family Guy and then Animaniacs right in the middle. All quality, and I’ve found that quality tended to dominate these responses, so it was nice to see these three sort of grouped together like this.

In the 3 spot, or 5 spot if you count ties, but that would be a very boring top 5, so we will call this the 3 spot is DuckTales. I’m  o happy this sits alone here because instead of commenting on it I can just put this video of one of my favorite bands covering it up. Yes, it’s a ska band. No, you’re not surprised.

The 4 spot was a tie between Ren and Stimpy and Futurama. I was sort of surprised that both of these only got 6 votes each. I thought that Ren and Stimpy would rival the Simpsons because I remember it as a sort of cultural phenomenon when it started. And I tend to think of Futurama as the “hipster” choice. Regardless top 5 for both is unsurprising.

The 5 spot is another tie between Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers and M.A.S.K. I think this rounds out a pretty great top 5. Rescue Rangers was probably the best of those Disney cartoons of the late 80’s early 90’s that made up the Disney afternoon lineup. The others which include the already listed DuckTales, TaleSpin, and Darkwing Duck. And while DuckTales is higher and probably has had a greater cultural impact in terms of pop culture references, I think Rescue Rangers told better and more complete stories. That being said Kit Cloudkicker of TaleSpin is probably my favorite characters from that Disney lineup. I’m all over the place.

The only show that I think should most definitely be number 1 on any definitive list of cartoons is Batman the Animated Series. There are arguments to be made for a handful of other shows to be listed, and you will see some of them in my top 10, but Batman TAS is the best, most thought out, and perfectly executed cartoon in the history of the medium. And that is in no way hyperbole, I just think it was missed by a lot of people who either aren’t into Batman or aged out of cartoons by its debut in 1992.

Thanks again to everyone who sent in some votes!

Craig Christine Sarah W. Brian Mike L.
James Shawn Josh Steve Sarah T.
Ben Tony Pete Steph Nauj
Neal Julie Jay Gina Skippy
Brochu Heatherly Alia Mom

So now my list. I mean you all really only care about the one no one got right? So let’s skip that one and go with a reverse countdown just to make you shiver with antici………….pation.

  1. Tiny Toon Adventures

  1. Animaniacs

  1. G.I. Joe

  1. Transformers

  1. Family Guy

  1. Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers

  1. Danger Mouse

  1. Batman The Animated Series

  1. MASK

And now number 1………

  1. Sealab 2021

My god the hours of joy this show has given me. It’s not for everyone, it’s a bit irreverent, it’s totally insane at times, but I love it. It hits me perfectly and is easily one of the things I quote the absolute most. Even to people who have no idea what I’m talking about, and that’s just about everyone not named Beech or Skippy.

So seriously check out Sealab and if you hate it, don’t blame me, I told you it wasn’t for everyone…..

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