It’s Christmas in July…

….For Red Sox fans that want John Farrell fired, because it HAS to be coming before fireworks go off above the Charles. Right?


Fireworks over the Charles River

This team’s pitching staff has grossly underperformed all year and the second baseman looks more like the manager than the manager. Responsibility has to be taken as close to the top as possible and I can tell you John Henry isn’t selling the team. Dave Dombrowski isn’t going anywhere as president of baseball ops, Mike Hazen isn’t going anywhere as GM (it’s way too soon into Dombrowski’s tenure to use him as a scapegoat) so that leaves Farrell.


John Farrell

They tried the ‘let’s fire the pitching coach’ tactic last year and there was little change.

Then Farrell got cancer and when Torey Lovullo took over and the team played differently. Maybe they were rallying behind their coach with cancer, maybe they were so far out of it they just played more relaxed and without a care for winning or losing. OR maybe Lovullo is the straw that stirs this rosters drink in a way Farrell just can’t. I’m going with the later because it seems the most logical right now. Lovullo’s record, for the record, was 28-20.

Torey Lovullo

Torey Lovullo

I’ve heard Farrell talk to the press as both a manager and a pitching coach, he has never seemed relaxed. Comfortable, sure but never relaxed, always with an edge of determination. Lovullo is the exact opposite, he talks to the media in a relaxed and joking manner, now, just as he did as the interim manager last year. I think that sort of personality is a huge factor in how the players react to their leader.

Listen, I just watched my dad die of cancer, so the only people happier to see John Farrell in remission and being able to continue his career are his kids. So I am 100% glad he is healthy and I didn’t think he should lose his job to that illness, but he has now had 3 months to prove he can run this team better than Lovullo and he hasn’t. Here are the records for the 3 months.

April – 14-10

May – 18-10

June – 10-16

Sure those are good records in April and May, but 12 games above .500 just isn’t good enough in their years American League East, let alone American League. Oh and then you went and dropped back to a mere 6 games over .500. And never won more than 2 games in a row in June. And went 5-8 at Fenway. It’s just not good enough.

Look the starting pitching has sucked. There are 100 theories as to why, I’m not going to tell you them, but 75% of them start and end with the manager.

And the offense has tailed off, but EVERYONE expected that because they were on a pace to score more runs than the 1927 Yankees. This Red Sox team is NOT the gold standard for offense, sure they can look like it for spurts, but they just aren’t going to survive that way day in day out. It was in that time that the team needed to figure out the pitching, and while each pitcher himself holds some blame, the overall scope and design of the system they all pitch is just as much to blame, and that is Farrell’s (and Dombrowski and Hazen’s) fault.

As an example the Texas Rangers have been crushed by the injury bug, worse than the Sox, but everyone they have slotted in has performed, and outperformed some of the guys the anticipated being good, so much so now that they are getting healthy the original starters have been getting limited at bats. Here is the punchline. The Rangers have 4 more wins than any team in the AL which ties them with the all world club for most wins in Major League Baseball right now.

Blue Jays Rangers 0515 1 (3)

The Texas Rangers are knocking the fuck out of the American League, figuratively and at least for Jose Bautista and Toronto Blue Jays, literally.

So fire him Dombrowski because the team isn’t going to get any worse, and if they do who cares if you miss the playoffs by 4 games or by 14? You still failed goal number 1. FIre him while there is still time to end up in the playoffs. Fire him before Hanley checks out. Fire him before the only talk about the team is about what gift some team gave Ortiz. Fire him before Red Sox Nation is looking at another underperforming team under the leadership of Farrell.


Just to put a finer point to it. Here is Farrell’s history of managerial success with the Red Sox.

  • 1 World Series Title, 2013
  • 1 American League Championship, 2013
  • 1 AL East Title, 2013
  • 3 5th place AL East finishes, 2012, 2014, 2015 (5th place is the last place)

While I’m a huge fan of the 2013 World Series win and run, I think there is enough evidence to show that Farrell isn’t the guy for this squad.

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