July 2, 2016

A day that will remembered in infamy around Boston sports circles.

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First, the Celtics rolled out Tom Brady to attend the Kevin Durant free agency meeting. Now Tom Terrific has already signed and sealed his place as a Boson sports legend, he doesn’t need to do something like this to curry favor with us fervent locals, but he still did it. Why? Because he gets what it is like to play here, what it means to be on a duck boat at the end of a championship season and no one knows that better than him. Durant would be the biggest star the Celtics have had since Larry Bird. (Bird was unavailable to go to the meeting because he is busy running the Pacers because the old Celtics ownership fucked up that relationship.) (Also apologies to Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, but in my opinion Durant is a top 3 player in the league and despite as great as they were together, I’m not sure Pierce or Garnett ever were top 3.) David Ortiz, minutes before first pitch of a game we will get to in a second, tweeted to Durant saying he was sorry he couldn’t be there to help with the recruitment push! I tweeted that Danny Ainge played every card he had, and that now the end result isn’t as much on Ainge as it is going to be on Durant.


Second, after visiting with him the day before the Celtics were able to secure their first major free agent in 30+ years. Horford not only helps them be better losing him hurts the Hawks, the team that ousted the Celtics from the the playoffs in 2016. Horford’s numbers look a bit pedestrian for the amount of money he makes and the attention he got a sa free agent, but he is the type of big that makes the smalls better. Which is exactly what the Celtics need. I think Horford can and will flourish playing for fans that actually give a shit whether the teams wins, and more so that each player is good. Watch him every night and you will appreciate his game more and more for the the things that don’t show up in the box score.

Third, we finally got the game that should get John Farrell fired. 21-2. And it wasn’t even all Clay Buchholz’s fault, although he sure didn’t pitch well. Now to be fair I don’t mind the team getting blown out every once in awhile. It’s bound to happen over a 162 game season, especially for a team with bad pitching, but to lose to the third worst team in the AL like that? To a team that has more pitching problems than you do? Unacceptable.


It’s going to sound over dramatic to say that to save the Red Sox season they need to get rid of Farrell, but they sure as shit need to do something. So here is my quick list (in order) of things they can try.

  1. Fire Farrell
  2. Acquire Danny Valencia and Rich Hill from the A’s
  3. Give up and play for a draft pick.
  4. Acquire Julio Teheran and Endre Inciarte
  5. Acquire Ryan Braun

None of those are a perfect solution, although the Teheran, Inciarte idea gives you the best value, but will also cost you the most. But the stagnation that is showing on the faces of the players and creeping into the fans is disturbing.

I will remember July 2, 2016 not the the Red Sox ugliness, but for the revelation that NBA Free Agency is no longer dead in Boston, with the hopes that Durant follows Horford into the Garden and we get a real shot to get Banner 18 sooner rather than later.

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