N:64 Week 2, Part 1


My oh my what a way to kick off the season, for those new here I was 9-6-1 against the spread, 11-5 on straight picks and 12-3-1 on over/unders! Plus I was 2-0 in my fantasy leagues (If you are here looking for the daily fantasy stuff from last year, I’ve give that up and at some point this year I’ll explain that reasoning) and the Patriots went out and beat a team they shouldn’t have!

All and all it’s great start to the season and I’m excited for week two to start tonight in *groan* Buffalo.

For those of you new to the NFL:64 let me tell you what you will find inside. At the top you will find the weeks schedule broken down by game days and time frames and team power rankings. Then click on the game you want to read about and you will find the spread, the over/under and two facts about each team (typically one football not and one fantasy note) plus my pick to win with a score.

Thurs 8pm
NYJ (0-1) @ BUF (0-1)
Sun 1pm
SF (1-0) @ CAR (0-1)
DAL (0-1) @ WAS (0-1)
CIN (1-0) @ PIT (1-0)
NO (0-1) @ NYG (1-0)
MIA (0-1) @ NE (1-0)
KC (1-0) @ HOU (1-0)
TEN (0-1) @ DET (1-0)
BAL (1-0) @ CLE (0-1)
Sun 4pm
SEA (1-0) @ LA (0-1)
TB (1-0) @ ARZ (0-1)
JAX (0-1) @ SD (0-1)
ATL (0-1) @ OAK (1-0)
IND (0-1) @ DEN (1-0)
Sun 8pm
GB (1-0) @ MIN (1-0)
Mon 8pm
PHI (1-0) @ CHI (0-1)
1 Patriots 1 0
2 Steelers 5 +2
3 Bengals 3 0
4 Seahawks 2 -2-
5 Panthers 10 +5
6 Lions 6 0
7 Raiders 7 0
8 Packers 13 +5
9 Vikings 11 +2
10 Chiefs 8 -2
11 Giants 12 +1
12 Cardinals 4 -8
13 Broncos 22 +9
14 Jaguars 9 -5
15 Bucs 17 +2
16 Ravens 18 +2
17 Colts 15 -2
18 Dolphins 23 +5
19 Redskins 14 -5
20 Jets -19 -1
21 Falcons 21 0
22 Texans 27 +5
23 Eagles 24 +1
24 Cowboys 25 +1
25 Chargers 16 -9
26 Bears 20 -6
27 Saints 31 +5
28 Bills 26 -2
29 49ers 29 0
30 Titans 31 -1
31 Browns 30 -1
32 Rams 28 -4


NEW YORK [AFC] (0-1) @ BUFFALO (0-1) [+1] OVER/UNDER [38]

  • The Jets hung with a very good team last week at home, but weren’t able to pull the win out, so they still have some work to do. Brandon Marshall could have made a big difference and didn’t.
  • Marshall’s lack of production puts the fear of god into my if I were a Marshall owner. He doesn’t last long and places and maybe just maybe this becomes his shortest stay anywhere yet.
  • Oh how bad the Bills are, Rexy Ryan is in trouble and I sure hope he rented and isn’t going to be stuck in a lease.
  • With Sammy Watkins in pain I don’t know that anyone but Lesean McCoy is fantasy relevant, and even he probably isn’t against a stout Jets defense this week.

Jets 21, Bills 17 (UNDER 38)


SAN FRANCISCO (1-0) @ CAROLINA (0-1) [-13] OVER/UNDER [45.5]

  • It was a plucky win the 49ers got over the new LA Rams, but they are worlds away from being able to play extra late on a Monday Night then go cross country to play at 1 p.m. and cover against the defending NFC Champs.
  • I think Torrey Smith may become interesting in fantasy if he gets enough targets and maybe Jeremy Kerley can actually produce something, FINALLY. Other than that if you have a Carlos Hyde alternative, you might want to consider it.
  • The Panthers should have won, and it’s not a huge deal they didn’t. They are setup to rebound nicely here and have a nice big home opener.
  • Start your Panthers, Cam Newton, Jonathan Stewart, Greg Olsen and Kelvin Benjamin should all produce

Panthers 38, 49ers 16 (OVER 45.5)

DALLAS (0-1) @ WASHINGTON (0-1) [-3] OVER/UNDER [45.5]

  • The Cowboys should be 1-0, and Terrance Williams is lucky he didn’t get cut. Dallas is going to lose more until they get Dez Bryant involved.
  • Their much ballyhooed offensive line failed to perform in week 1, they need to be the best part of the team every week not the worst.
  • Wow the Redskins not finishing their first two drives was devastating to their chances to beat the Steelers. They need to finish drives to win, not settle for field goals. Which means they need to be 1000000% more effective in the Red Zone.
  • It was nice to see Desean Jackson get targets that weren’t only 25 yards down the field. If that keeps up he could actually become a consistent fantasy player. Other than him the only startable Redskin is Jordan Reed. Although you are likely stuck starting Matt Jones based on where you drafted him.

Redskins 28, Cowboys 20 (OVER 45.5)


  • Andy Dalton survived a beating and a road win of that nature is a character building experience for the sort of new look Bengals. That being said, this is going to be the typical Cincy, Pitt blood bath.
  • AJ Green is a sure fire starter, Gio Bernard is likely to get some play in the short passing game. Jeremy Hill will get touches inside the 5 if they get inside the 5.
  • The Steelers did a great job after a slow start and that’s unsurprising as they are one of the most fundamentally sound organizations in the league.
  • Ben Roethlisberger, DeAngelo WIlliams, Antonio Brown are studs. Eli Rogers and Jesse James are interesting.

Steelers 28, Bengals 24 (OVER 48)

NEW ORLEANS (0-1) @ NEW YORK (NFC) (1-0) [-4.5] OVER/UNDER [53]

  • Tough loss for the Saints, but sadly they seemed happy to just put a bunch of yards and points up. Like I said I see this as a 2 win year for the Saints and it not getting better for a while due to all the dead money on their cap.
  • Start your stud Saints, consider Willie Snead.
  • Man this Giants team could be a lot of fun to watch with Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard. Rashad Jennings is very interesting and startable, as long as his workload is the same as week 1.
  • Start your Giants, that Saints defense is UGLY.

Giants 42, Saints 31 (OVER 53)

MIAMI (0-1) @ NEW ENGLAND (1-0) [-6.5] OVER/UNDER [41.5]

  • It’s a good start for the Dolphins if they can get over blowing that lead in Seattle. The Adam Gase hire is looking very smart through 1 game.
  • I don’t know what to do about Dolphins players in fantasy not named Jarvis Landry. Arian Foster is interesting, but he already banged up and listed as questionable.
  • The Patriots players need to not have read their press clippings this week and need to stay in the ‘Do Your Job’ mode like they did in Seattle. If they don’t they are going to lose to Miami. I expect this game to be played close to the best, just like against Arizona.
  • Start Gronk, Edelman and Blount. I’m not sure about anyone else.

Patriots 23, Dolphins 17 (UNDER 41.5)

KANSAS CITY (1-0) @ HOUSTON (1-0) [-2.5] OVER/UNDER [43.5]

  • I’ve said it a lot, but good teams survive and that’s what the Chiefs did last week. They had plenty of stinkers last year and then ran off 10 straight wins. They blew this team out in the playoffs and while I’m sure Houston will be looking for revenge, they barely outplayed a bad Chicago team. I don’t think Houston is ready for this.
  • Start Spencer Ware, Travis Kelce and Jeremy Maclin.
  • I’m not sold on Brock Osweiler, John Elway let him go for a reason and I doubt that reason was money. He may look good throwing it up to Deandre Hopkins and Will Fuller, but a good defense is going to force him other places and that could be disastrous.
  • Star Hopkins, Fuller and Lamar Miller.

Chiefs 27, Texans 24 (OVER 43.5)

TENNESSEE (0-1) @ DETROIT (1-0) [-6] OVER/UNDER [47.5]

  • Marcus Mariota maybe the next RGIII and I don’t mean that in a good way. He panics way too much when pressured. And its hard to get rid of that.
  • If you have Demarco Murray or Derrick Henry you probably have to start them, but I’m not sure I’d comfortable with it.
  • That’s a good win for the Lions, a team that struggled to pull out games of that nature the last couple of years. It could mark a turning point, and I think it does, or it could be a charade. We won’t find out this week though.
  • Matt Stafford looks better than he ever has and seems to have great control of the offense in terms of awareness and comfortability. Golden Tate isn’t a must start any more, but I think Marvin Jones is.

Lions 35, Titans 21 (OVER 47.5)

BALTIMORE (1-0) @ CLEVELAND (0-1) [+6.5] OVER/UNDER [43]

  • The Ravens may not be good, or explosive but they are going to be competitive and beat bad teams like Cleveland.
  • It looks like Mike Wallace is going to get shots downfield which makes him a good Daily Fantasy play, but I’m not sure I’d love him on a season long roster.
  • Are the Browns even trying? I think Hue Jackson is a good coach, but he just doesn’t have anyone to coach. It looks like this head job is going to work a lot like his stint in Oakland.
  • With Josh McCown under center Gary Barnidge becomes at least interesting again. Other than that? Isaiah Crowell is on a bench of mine, but he isn’t going be starting unless he starts getting a TD a game. A goalline one, not something he breaks from 10+ yards.

Ravens 31, Browns 10 (UNDER 43)

The rest will be coming later today!

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