I wasn’t going to do this. I didn’t want to tell you who to vote for for against. I want people to make their own decisions. But the truth to make those informed decisions isn’t out there anymore. There’s a better chance of Sculley and Mulder find an alien than the republican voting public being properly informed before tomorrow. So I’m enlisting some help from John Oliver and the Last Week Tonight folks I’m going to make this simple. So mother-fucking simple.

A vote for a Trump Republican is a vote for this.

If you think that’s OK, fuck you.

If you are too scared to watch the truth, that’s a 6 year old boy who decided that he was separated from his mother by her choice and now he believes that they don’t love each other anymore. A vote for that makes you a monster, a racist and as bad as the German soldiers who followed orders during World War II. You’ve got an internal barometer of good and evil. Fucking use it.

TOMORROW we get the opportunity too many people across this planet are denied.


As communities, cities, towns, states and a nation. We get our say. We get to be the sand in the gears of Donald Trump and his racism, his white nationalism and we can take the power back one vote at a time.

Vote your conscience tomorrow. And if you don’t have one, again fuck you.

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