Sully is a proud son of New England who has been involved in playing and watching sports for as long as he can remember. One of his earliest memories is having his father wake him up one fateful October 1986 night to watch the Red Sox blow the World Series. He has always written in various forms be it essay, criticism, script or lyrics and was published several times in his college newspaper. After college he coached football for 6 years, 2 championship winning years with the semi pro Middleboro Cobras and 4 less successful years with the Taunton High School Tigers. Combining these experiences with his years of watching and playing sports (and with a little nudging from a good friend) he decided to start Hooking Foul. It is here that he is able to voice his varied opinions on Boston sports most specifically, while delving into the national sphere when he feels a little randy.

When he isn’t devouring sports coverage and statistics Sully divides his time between the band MisCast (MiscastMusic.com), enjoying the Star Wars universe, and removing the sleeves from his shirts.  MisCast, where Sully sings and plays horns, is a duo that focuses its efforts of music with an ear toward geekery. The Star Wars universe is a place where Sully has spent many hours watching the movies, reading the expanded universe novels, dominating Star Wars Trivial Pursuit games and being on call to answer a variety of Star Wars related inquiries from friends. Sully really does remove the short sleeves from his tshirts, a look he gave up for a period of time he calls his Peter Banning period, before rediscovering his inner Peter Pan.

Reach Sully on twitter @HookingFoul or at HookingFoul@gmail.com

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