Dynasty Recap

There was a week to go before their AL only fantasy league draft and suddenly it was found out they had a team without an owner. A high school friend posted on facebook the need to fill the owner and so I sold some Lewis Black black tickets and bought in. The team info was sent to me, II was told I could keep 11 guys and their total would be taken off my 260 auction total. Then Sunday night we would do the remainder of the auction via conference call.

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Sully’s 7: Review of the 1st 7 picks of the 2005 Red Sox Draft

HqwC2RtdEntry sports drafts are a primary foundation to building a winning sports franchise. For those of us that play fantasy we know how important a solid draft can be in building our teams. For us fantasy players the stakes can be high, in terms of payouts for winning, in the big leagues each draft pick means a financially controlled player for a certain number of years. If you “hit” on players in a draft, these players can become a financially cheap core to build around. Adding talent through trades and free agency to augment and enhance the skills of your home grown talent makes for a continually successful franchise. If a team “misses” on multiple draft picks it can be a huge stumbling block to overcome in winning games on a regular basis. The same can be said for your fantasy team, with the small caveat that you aren’t going to lose your job because you made shitty draft picks. Continue reading

Off the Wall: Jon Lester

imagesJon Lester has led quite the life especially when you include his, at times, brilliant baseball career. The highlights include dominating high school baseball in Washington State, culminating in being named the Gatorade State Player of the Year in 2000. He was then drafted in the 2nd round of the MLB entry draft by the Boston Red Sox and signed a contract that included a signing bonus of $1 million dollars. He was named Red Sox minor league pitcher of the year in 2005 and made his MLB debut in the 1st half of 2006. Late in the 2006 season Lester was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and missed the final month of the season. He was treated successfully and returned the Red Sox rotation in July 2007, less than a year after his diagnosis. In the clinching game 4 of the 2007 World Series  Lester started, pitched 5 and 2/3rds innings and got the win. Back to full strength in 2008 Lester won 16 games, threw a no hitter and on the heels of such a successful season was awarded with a new 5 year, 30 million dollar contract. Over the first 4 years of that contact Lester has been 58-39, with a 3.74 ERA, has pitched over 800 innings and has consistently been one of the most durable starting pitchers in the MLB. Now I’m going to tell you why the Red Sox need to trade him. Continue reading

Jay’s Confessional: Baseball

Sully’s note: This is the first article published on Hooking Foul not written by me. I’m very happy to have it be from Jay who, while he hasn’t written anything for the site until now, has been an integral part of HF since its inception and his influence can be seen everywhere.

1273275993557-300x240It’s time to come clean, I love baseball. Yep…love it. Watch it damn near every day in season, take part in several fantasy leagues and proudly (well, somewhat proudly) wear a baseball cap nearly year round. While I realize that it’s wildly unpopular among the nerderati to take part in anything “sportsball” related, I just don’t give a fuck. While I’ve never been one to follow the crowd, I can’t help but find it incredibly tedious to have to defend my love of the game. Continue reading

Sully’s 7: AL Prospects that will help in 2013

Each year fantasy baseball is a long strange journey for me. The only league I pay to play in is an 8 team AL only 4×4 rotisserie league with highly competitive adversaries. We have no add/drop, and no waiver wire, we meet once a month and draft anyone not yet on a roster. Those not on rosters can be prospects, players new to the AL from the NL or a guy who just went undrafted for whatever reason. To try and gain a major advantage I do extensive research on prospects so as to grab the guys who could be major contributors sooner rather than later. The other advantage to having a deep knowledge of the available pool of players in these drafts is that this is the only place from where we can choose keepers. For example 2 years ago at our July draft I selected Matt Moore, the Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher. He only had a cup of coffee in 2011 for the Rays, but in 2012 was a better than average fantasy starter the entire season. With that in mind the following list of 7 players should help your fantasy team THIS season. This is of course barring major injury or a trade to an NL team at some point. Continue reading