Dynasty Recap

There was a week to go before their AL only fantasy league draft and suddenly it was found out they had a team without an owner. A high school friend posted on facebook the need to fill the owner and so I sold some Lewis Black black tickets and bought in. The team info was sent to me, II was told I could keep 11 guys and their total would be taken off my 260 auction total. Then Sunday night we would do the remainder of the auction via conference call.

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Sully’s 7: AL Prospects that will help in 2013

Each year fantasy baseball is a long strange journey for me. The only league I pay to play in is an 8 team AL only 4×4 rotisserie league with highly competitive adversaries. We have no add/drop, and no waiver wire, we meet once a month and draft anyone not yet on a roster. Those not on rosters can be prospects, players new to the AL from the NL or a guy who just went undrafted for whatever reason. To try and gain a major advantage I do extensive research on prospects so as to grab the guys who could be major contributors sooner rather than later. The other advantage to having a deep knowledge of the available pool of players in these drafts is that this is the only place from where we can choose keepers. For example 2 years ago at our July draft I selected Matt Moore, the Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher. He only had a cup of coffee in 2011 for the Rays, but in 2012 was a better than average fantasy starter the entire season. With that in mind the following list of 7 players should help your fantasy team THIS season. This is of course barring major injury or a trade to an NL team at some point. Continue reading