Week 13 Playoff Pictures

sheard1Join me an adventure, a flight of fancy, if you will, as we travel the globe fighting Nazi’s while looking for the rarest of antiquities. That’s right boys and girls, it’s playoff picture time, this time full of Indiana Jones quotes, pictures and even some YouTube clips! Marvel at the Ark, drink from the Grail and, of course, bask in the splendor of the Lombardi Trophy! It’s an Indy quote for every team! Let’s get started!

First the division standings. Continue reading

Welcome David Price

c4s_price101210_144420a_8colIt’s not official, but it’s inevitable at this point that David Price will top the mound for the Boston Nine in 2016, and the following 6 years, well, maybe. Here is the simple breakdown, and it really is simple.

2016 – 30 Million

2017 – 30 Million

2018 – 30 Million


2019 – 31 Million

2020 – 31 Million

2021 – 32 Million

2022 – 32 Million Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 12

Summationweek12It is long overdue for the NFL to make officials full time employees. I realize they at most work 24 games a year, but how is this not as great an integrity issue as potentially deflated footballs? Would it be crazy for me to suggest that because the Broncos went for the field goal instead of the TD and cut the lead to 4 when the spread was 3, that any official who may have bet the Bronco’s plus 3 had a vested interest in seeing the Bronco’s score again? Continue reading

NFL 64: Week 12


Week 12 is here and Thanksgiving week is always weird week. Teams will start actually clinching playoff spots soon, both in the real NFL and in your fantasy leagues! The best game of the weekend will probably be the Seahawks hosting the Steelers. Neither team is great, but I think both are very good and are very evenly matched. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day Picks!

I’m way behind! And I’m off to watch high school football! So while there are 3 games today I’m not going to get the NFL:64 today. The first game starts at 12:30 so here are my picks!


I’ve got the Lions beating a depleted Eagles team as the Detroit defense is echoing the team of 2014.

Lions 24, Eagles 13

CAROLINA (10-0) @ DALLAS (3-7) [+1]

Carolina rolls to another victory over the Cowboys. If the Cowboys were legit it wouldn’t have been close against Miami last week with Tony Romo back, but it was and the Panthers are miles better than the Dolphins in every aspect of the game.

Panthers 38, Cowboys 24

CHICAGO (4-6) @ GREEN BAY (7-3) [+9]

I really wanted this to be the 5-5 Bears against the 6-4 Packers. Just the idea that the Bears could have leaped the Packers in the standings intrigued me greatly. Sadly the Bears and Vikings failed me. I think this is far closer game Vegas does so I’m taking the 9 points and the Bears, but have the Packers winning the game.

Packers 34, Bears 27

In terms of fantasy plays I’d say go with anyone you normally would with these teams except the Eagles. They are a mess right now!

Look for the actual NFL:64 Tomorrow!

Week 12 Playoff Pictures

As the Holiday season is upon us there are a myriad of movies that are associated with the plethora of various holidays we celebrate. With that in mind we channel Thanksgiving with this week’s playoff pictures! These are coming from all over, some actually based around Thanksgiving and some have just become associated with Thanksgiving, so sit back and enjoy!


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from ESPN.com. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 11

Summationweek11The Case Keenum concussion situation is a disaster for the NFL. The backup QB saw there was a problem. The spotter saw there was a problem. The trainer talked to the QB and decided there wasn’t a problem? Talk about opening themselves up to liability. Continue reading

NFL: 64 Week 11


We’ve spent a lot of time on the playoffs this week and we will continue to because that’s why they play the game. Lots of fun games to watch this weekend with an eye on the post season. Can the Vikings take control of the NFC North hosting the Packers? Can the Falcons rebound off their bye week against an Andrew Luck-less Colts? Have the last couple of weeks of the Chiefs been legit? Continue reading

Week 11 Playoff Pictures

Let’s start talking playoff pictures for each and every team in the league. First we are going to list the standings of each division. So take a peek at those. Remember each division winner is automatically given at least 1 home playoff game, regardless of record.


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. Since I’m very excited about the release of the video game Star Wars Battlefront the names of each category will be Star Wars related. (The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from ESPN.com.) Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 10


The NFL has created a series of problems that it doesn’t seem to know how to, or want to fix. Announcers, people around water coolers, columnists, radio hosts and beat guys are all talking about no one knows how to define a catch anymore. It started a couple of years ago and was a once a month thing, but not defensive backs rake at the ball as best as they can as soon as it hits the WR hands knowing that even the slightest movement could cause enough of a question that the ball will be ruled incomplete. It’s smart coaching, but when every fan of the NFL is guessing on what is a catch and when every questionable catch goes to review that is a problem and whether they want to or not the NFL needs to solve it. Continue reading