Cartoon, Cartoons!

Ok so weeks later here we go with the cartoon recap. Sorry for the delay, but I got pretty busy.








So as a reminder I was looking for people’s favorite cartoon shows. I was inspired by a video I saw on YouTube, the video below in fact. (Crazy how this internet thing works, copy some code and boom video!)

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Papa died today

Papa died today. (Well, technically Saturday for the sticklers out there.) Yup, I ripped off Camus. But I mean if you are going to rip someone off, choose one of the greats, right? And honestly, as a reader I don’t care when authors rip each other off,  I just want them to be forthright about it. And I was, and you know what, my papa did die today, so it’s not like I’m making shit up….

My last picture with my Dad, June 2016

My last picture with my Dad

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Who are the 5 best bands of the 90s?

top 5 band sof the 90s headerLast Friday I was in a bar with a few of my friends and, as often happens in bars, a statement of “fact” was made. It was stated that “Toad the Wet Sprocket” was one of the 5 best bands of the 90s. Now I’m perfectly fine with the concept of to each their own, but this struck me as complete and total hyperbole. We talked about it a bit and eventually he backed off the top 5 ranking, settling Toad into the top 15. Look Dave, I told that whole story without throwing you under the bus!

This occasion led to thinking, always dangerous, who are the best 5 bands of the 90s?

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The Definitive Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Review!


S: “Too much.”

That’s all I said when my buddy J asked how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was. He was shocked.

J: “That’s it huh?”

Of course that wasn’t it! I’m a verbose mother fucker, especially when it comes to movie universes (movieverses). (I mean I didn’t love Star Wars more than any other movie universe by accident, it had the biggest universe, the largest space for my imagination to play in, and each movie made it bigger and better, plus Han Solo.) When Cost (that’s a person, a Loft Boy from high school to be exact) asked me the other night about the development of Marvel and DCmovieverses, I talked without breathing for about 20 minutes. So I’ve put some serious thought into the creation of these movieverses.  (And I’m working on a separate piece about how the TVverses v. movieverses, but before I get WAY off track [TOO LATE!] let’s get back to Bats v Supes.) After that small amount of prodding, I couldn’t contain myself anymore,

S: [Zach] “Snyder is more spectacle than substance and they tried to catch up to 8 years of Marvel movies in one fell swoop. Snyder’s DC universe resembles [Michael] Bays’ Transformers universe inasmuch as it looks like a magnificent spectacle but the beauty is barely even skin deep.”

It looks fantastic. The effects are great. The costumes are superb. Technically it shines, but it is flimsy because in trying to do so much in 2.5 hours they weren’t able to do anything in depth. Snyder didn’t give his actors anything to do in this movie and as a result, there are gross amounts of underperformance, except for the 2 cases of gross over performance. The subtlety and nuance that often separate great comic books from decent comic books is also what is missing from this movie.    

That’s a simple summary but its spoiler free, and no one appreciates that more than me. You can watch this movie, its fun. There are some epically good moments that any comic book fan will enjoy. They do some of the classic DC shots from comics far more than justice. There are a lot of cool pieces that set up the rest of the DCmovieverse, and sadly many that will make you groan because its just “too much.”

Now let’s get into some details, so if you haven’t seen it yet, and don’t want spoilers stop reading.


I take this spoiler shit very seriously, so stop now if you don’t want any.


I won’t warn you again.


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Remember the Chess game in A New Hope?!?

Tippett Studio & HappyGiant Unveil Next-Gen AR/VR Game “HoloGrid: Monster Battle”

Berkeley, CA – March 30, 2016 – Tippett Studio and HappyGiant today announced an original Next-Gen Augmented and Virtual Reality gaming concept, HoloGrid: Monster Battle. A “Hybrid” Board Game, Collectible Card Game (CCG), and Digital Game in one, it delivers to players a new type of gaming experience.

Phil Tippett is a 2-time Academy Award winning Visual Effects Supervisor and Director best known for his work on the original Star Wars films, Jurassic Park, Robocop, The Force Awakens, and many more. Tippett also created the “Holo Chess” scene in the original Star Wars, which he recreated for the Force Awakens.  Continue reading

Fantastic Filth

I love TV and film. I spent what most would describe as too much time watching and considering these universes. I do most of that consideration with Jay. Sometimes that consideration is poignant. Sometimes its a back and forth dialogue. Then there was the tweet below….

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Kinder Words

As the last waves of 2015’s wake are slowly absorbed back into the ocean of each of our lives some of us look back at where that wake was. Or forward to the still water of our new wake. Rarely do we take a moment to appreciate the wake for it’s own magnificence.


Mark loves a good poster

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The Muppets: A Review

If you know me well, or even a little bit, you know a few things. I love sports, I hate short sleeves, and the Muppets are a religious experience to me.

I don’t know when the Muppet love really started, probably with a Kermit appearance on Sesame Street, but I have taken and used this love is plenty of ways. In college I performed a monologue about Alice in Wonderland as Kermit it was my best solo work in the class by far. In high school I got to be Beaker in our variety show entitled Muppets take Hollywood. I even made this video!

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