Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 6

imagesToday is the day of the year that correctly predicts that spring is 6 weeks away, because unlike that unreliable groundhog in Pennsylvania, today pitchers and catchers report to Red Sox spring training which assures us that Red Sox Opening Day is 6 weeks away. And if the Red Sox see their shadow it means 86 years of misery. No, not really, at least I hope not. It is the sign of spring coming that warms my heart the most, especially when it comes just after a blizzard that drops 3 feet of snow on the general Boston area.  New Englanders need these days on our calendar, as sad as they may sound, Red Sox truck day, pitchers and catchers report, full squad workouts begin, the first spring games against Northeastern and BC, the Sox first spring game against the Yankees, these are the days that get those of us stuck up north through the cold, boring days of February and March while we anticipate warm days at Fenway or catching a Sox game on the radio while laying on the beach. So in many ways today we celebrate the beginning of the end of Red Sox Nation’s long national nightmare, the off-season. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 5

Capture8The Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus singing “America the Beautiful” with Jennifer Hudson stole the Super Bowl for me. I can’t fathom dealing with a trauma of that magnitude at my current age, let alone as an elementary school child, and THEN performing in our culture’s biggest television event of the year. Moments like that make me realize there is hope for the human race because of our epic resiliency, despite my typically snide and cynical nature. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 4

Garnett-Pierce-Rondo-sportige.com_Rajun Rondo is out for the remainder of this NBA season and probably about half of next season with an ACL injury. In what was supposed to be the “Year of Rondo” the Celtics have woefully under achieved with him in the lineup, what will that mean without him? Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are still great players, but can’t be relied on to carry the team night in, night out. Avery Bradley and Jared Sullinger show the beginnings of a youth movement that will reshape the roster over the next few years. Jeff Greene is supposed to be hybrid wing playing defensive specialist. He shows flashes of the potential, but tends to be far too inconsistent night to night. Everyone else is expendable. They are role players brought in to compliment the core of the team. They can go now. Get what you can for them now. The season isn’t over, but this team also isn’t getting by Miami and into the NBA Finals. There are 3 places to be as an NBA team competing for a title, bottomed out or stuck in the middle. Right now the Celtics are stuck in the middle. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 2

hi-res-156724137_crop_650x440If Colin Kaepernick couldn’t beat out Alex Smith to win the starting job in San Fran out of training camp, how did he get this much better taking the second team reps during practice? And while Alex Smith got Wally Piped, it’s obvious that it was the right football decision. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 1

I hate Nick Saban, but god damn the man knows how to win a College Football National Championship. At this rate he will be far and away the best coach in the history of college football. I haven’t come to that conclusion mildly either. Look at the history of just the last 4 years. 3 titles and 11 first round picks, 8 in the last 2 NFL drafts. Its unprecedented and terrifying because he isn’t going to leave, and they sure aren’t going to ask him too without a scandal of Paterno like proportions. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: Day late, Dollar Short

The Olympic torches goal is to keep the flame lit eternally its entire way from Greece to the host site of the Olympics. Every time the journey is mapped out a fair amount of gimmicks are thought up to bring attention to the journey and to publicize the upcoming games. This year a white water rafting trip was planned. Who the fuck’s idea was that? And have they been fired yet? Fire’s mortal enemy is water so lets pair them together in a way where we can’t predict what the water may do! And for those playing along at home, yes it was extinguished. Shocking. The spin is that they carry a mining lantern, also lit in Greece, near the torch as a backup eternal flame and use it to relight the torch. I think they misunderstand the word eternal, which isn’t surprising since they misunderstood that fire shouldn’t be around water in a chaotic and hectic manner. Well anyway the Olympics are ruined for me now! Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: On an Island Nation

Bernard James was drafted as the 33rd overall pick in the NBA draft Thursday night. What about the first 32 picks you ask? To this point in their lives they have all done some great things basketball wise and I’m sure they are all very nice people, but James has served 3 tours overseas for our military. Talk about a trump card. It will be an uphill battle for James to become a big time NBA player as he is 27 years old.1 Good for Bernard James and is there a better place to land for him than Dallas2? I imagine Mark Cuban is going to love this guy and give him every opportunity to succeed. I am glad to see his hard work paid off and I hope he sticks around for a while, makes some money and has a lot of fun. If only we could reward everyone of our servicemen and women with the fulfillment of their dreams. Continue reading

  1. Guess who else is 27? Newly crowned King of the NBA Lebron James. No relation reported. []
  2. after a trade with Cleveland []

Bunting for a Hit: Reboot!

I was recently visiting Seattle, Washington. The place where recent NBA finalists The Oklahoma City Thunder formerly played. I was there specifically for the beginning of a great friend’s Larry Bird year. While there we attend the Fremont Solstice Festival, an annual series of events signifying of the passing of spring to summer. At this event it became evident to me that the Sonics were indeed deeply missed. Not only was there signage proporting their desire for the NBA to return Seattle, but also a team of basketball unicyclists appearing in Sonics colors rode in the parade. The area supports soccer vehemently, supports football spectacularly1 and supports the Mariners better than they deserve for how poorly they play. I am by no means suggesting that the NBA expand. But they lived there for 40 years. Charlotte got a second chance after a very short lived initial experiment, why can’t a 40 history rebound with a moved team in a new arena? They can, the words that scare everyone is new arena. Continue reading

  1. that 12th man shit is for real []

Bunting for a Hit: While getting back on track

We’re back and 1-3 isn’t the end of the world Red Sox Nation. There are 158 more games to be played. Sure some apocalyptic signs look as if they are about to appear upon the horizon, but we haven’t seen the 4 horsemen yet or even heard the 7 trumpets, so we are sure don’t have to worry about the 7 seals of the season being broken, at least in April.

I am so happy a guy named Bubba won the Masters., its just awesome. While I’ve brought up Augusta, the private Augusta National Country Club, having no female members maybe antiquated and viewed as ignorant in many circles, but it is a freedom granted to them by the constitution. ZERO tax dollars support Augusta, they pay for themselves and the members know the extremely high costs and exactly what they get for those dollars. While many would like a club with their exposure and platform push their view of forward thinking, they don’t have to, so enjoy the golf.

I love Doc Rivers as a coach in my city. He knows his team and knows how to get performances when most desperately needed out of them. The does that bit about wanting to go see the Master’s highlights and cuts his press conference short. He is a true sportsman who is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in area’s other than the NBA and as I said about Francona we will all miss him when he is gone.

David “Big Papi” Ortiz has started off the year hitting well because he is driving the ball to the opposite field with authority. When he has double gap power to left center has always been when he is at his best at the plate. It is when he tries to hit through the shift that he sucks. Oh and David, STOP STEALING BASES ITS NOT CUTE, ITS DUMB!

I’d say with 2 9th inning rallies that this Red Sox team could become a group of cardiac kids, but they need to beat an elite closer first. Neither Valverde of Santos is an elite closer.

A true journalist would travel to the prisons (dungeons?) of South America and attempt to find out what truly happened to the only baseball player to ever have the initials U. U. U., Ugueth Urbina. I though am not a true journalist, I am an opinionated ass hole who doesn’t want to get that many shots or buy that much sun screen.

The NHL Playoffs start this week, Thursday for the Bruins specifically. I love the NHL playoffs more than any others sports playoffs even if my hockey knowledge is still questionable. Every games’s important and is evidenced with the player’s, crowd’s, announcer’s and coach’s reaction to each goal, penalty and neutral zone turnover. So enjoy the NHL at its best.