Movie Review: Miracle

Miracle_filmTo do a classic movie review of a movie as well crafted of a story so well known as Miracle seems foolish. In all likelihood I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. So instead join me on a journey through Miracle as if we were sitting the same couch enjoying Walt Disney pictures spectacularly told true story of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Continue reading

Sochi Olympics Preview, Sort Of

sochi-2014Sochi…Sochi…Sochi. Sounds like the girl’s name in a bad 1 night stand. Or maybe a bad mid 90’s Toyota 2 door, 3 cylinder coupe. Possibly even an extinct creature whose existence is questioned by Carl Everett. It certainly doesn’t sound like a Russian city, home of the 2014 Winter Olympics. I don’t think it sounds at all like a Russian Name of anything, even a Russian girl in a 1 night stand. I took 3 years of high school Russian (yes, really) and sleeping through those 4 years I learned very little. So I am clearly a Russian expert.Now that my qualifications as a Russian expert have been established let me tell you what I think about the Sochi Olympics. Nothing.   Continue reading

Movie Review: PCU

This imagine excites me

This imagine excites me

PCU, became a seminal movie in my life immediately when I was introduced to it in 1995. Ever since it has spawned innumerable conversations, rabid quoting, influenced life decisions and cemented instantaneous friendships. But why is a sports blog reviewing PCU you ask? Well we will delve deeply into the intramural ultimate frisbee finals, so that will cover the sports angle, I’m only half kidding. In reality here we are 3 days after the Super Bowl, and there is very little to say except Seattle dominated. I don’t watch enough basketball or hockey to articulately comment about either’s current happenings. The Olympics don’t start til this weekend. And the Red Sox don’t report for spring training for 12=1 more days. So the best question to really ask is, why NOT PCU? Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: Turkey Wrap

curling_fThere is a shit ton going on right now in sports. 3 of the major leagues are in game operation, with the NFL being in full swing as the playoff picture begins to take shape. Don’t forget about college football either as we approach the ridiculous number of “bowl” games, but even with all those meaningless bowls in the mix, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t watch 2 incredible football games Saturday with THE Ohio State University vs. Michigan and the Auburn beating the 2 time reigning National Champion Alabama on a play that has to compare with only a walk off grand slam in terms of game ending plays. Major League Baseball’s hot stove is starting to pick up even in a down free agent year. NBC won’t let us forget that the Winter Olympics are going to happen in Russia, but until they reunite Tonya, Nancy and a crowbar I don’t know that I’m super interested. Unless I can figure out how to make or join a curling pool. I saw those guys in picture at a Bosstones Throwdown in 2011 I think! Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: Day late, Dollar Short

The Olympic torches goal is to keep the flame lit eternally its entire way from Greece to the host site of the Olympics. Every time the journey is mapped out a fair amount of gimmicks are thought up to bring attention to the journey and to publicize the upcoming games. This year a white water rafting trip was planned. Who the fuck’s idea was that? And have they been fired yet? Fire’s mortal enemy is water so lets pair them together in a way where we can’t predict what the water may do! And for those playing along at home, yes it was extinguished. Shocking. The spin is that they carry a mining lantern, also lit in Greece, near the torch as a backup eternal flame and use it to relight the torch. I think they misunderstand the word eternal, which isn’t surprising since they misunderstood that fire shouldn’t be around water in a chaotic and hectic manner. Well anyway the Olympics are ruined for me now! Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: On an Island Nation

Bernard James was drafted as the 33rd overall pick in the NBA draft Thursday night. What about the first 32 picks you ask? To this point in their lives they have all done some great things basketball wise and I’m sure they are all very nice people, but James has served 3 tours overseas for our military. Talk about a trump card. It will be an uphill battle for James to become a big time NBA player as he is 27 years old.1 Good for Bernard James and is there a better place to land for him than Dallas2? I imagine Mark Cuban is going to love this guy and give him every opportunity to succeed. I am glad to see his hard work paid off and I hope he sticks around for a while, makes some money and has a lot of fun. If only we could reward everyone of our servicemen and women with the fulfillment of their dreams. Continue reading

  1. Guess who else is 27? Newly crowned King of the NBA Lebron James. No relation reported. []
  2. after a trade with Cleveland []