N:64 Week 3, Part 1


Man I was bad early. I was ok later, but Minnesota really saved my week. We are looking for a big rebound this week and actually sort of like the slate and my picks. It all starts tonight, with the Pats third string QB going against known QB destroyer JJ Watt. Do I think the Pats can win? Sure, I mean they haven’t given me any reason to doubt they can win in any situation since before I had either of my degrees. So why not win in a short week at home against a team that has to travel and is suspect on the road to begin with? So do I think it’s likely? Not at all, but it sure as shit is possible.

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2016 Week 2 NFL Summation


Week 2 of the NFL is in the books and I sucked in the early games. I was decent in the rest and so I needed some space. So V-Sull and P-Sull went to see Tom Hanks play a guy named Sully! Not a bad take. I didn’t know much about the situation other than a plane landed on the Hudson and no one died. There were some serious levels of investigation involved though and that was fascinating even if they were obviously there to show Director Clint Eastwood’s disdain for red tape. The other thing that was was over the top was pointed out to me by V-Sull, and it was the overt product placement for Marriott. It came to a climax when the hotel manager hugged a soaked Hanks in the hall outside his room. All in all it was good and brief coming up about 90 minutes. A pleasant surprise in this day of 2 hour movies being the standard. Now onto football! Continue reading

N:64 Week 2, Part 1


My oh my what a way to kick off the season, for those new here I was 9-6-1 against the spread, 11-5 on straight picks and 12-3-1 on over/unders! Plus I was 2-0 in my fantasy leagues (If you are here looking for the daily fantasy stuff from last year, I’ve give that up and at some point this year I’ll explain that reasoning) and the Patriots went out and beat a team they shouldn’t have!

All and all it’s great start to the season and I’m excited for week two to start tonight in *groan* Buffalo.

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Week 1 of the NFL is in the books and I had myself a pretty good week. I learned from a few things last year and it proved valuable in making my picks. So here we go with the first 2016 edition of Hooking Foul’s NFL Summation. Continue reading

2016 Patriots Season Preview!

My Dad’s relationship with football was much different than my own. He tried out for his high school team, got soundly run over in what I can only imagine was an Oklahoma drill, and walked off the field, never to return. This experience colored his view of football, which resulted in him not being anywhere near as passionate a football fan as we was a baseball fan. Sure he’d watch a game if it were on and he mostly understood it conceptually, he just wasn’t invested. It probably didn’t help that the Patriots weren’t any good, didn’t exist until he was 11, and were never on TV due to blackout rules, but I truly think his brief playing experience was the key to how he felt about football.

My Dad, My Sister and I at the Patriots Hall of Fame.

My Dad, My Sister and I at the Patriots Hall of Fame.

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2016 NFL Season Preview!


FINALLY, NFL week 1 is here. It feels like we have been waiting for years! Thursday Night we will see the Super Bowl rematch and we will be off for another 17 weeks of NFL action! As a preview of sorts this week we start with predicting the record for each and every team! 

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Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 9

Welcome to part 9 of our Patriots Training Camp Preview! If you missed parts 1, 2,3,4567 or 8 click the number to check them out!

I missed a day, oops! But here is the final piece of our training camp preview, the defensive backs.

Now I list them all together and not as strictly cornerbacks and safeties because there is a bit of fluidity between the two for most of these guys. That doesn’t mean we want Patrick Chung covering a deep threat but you know what I mean.


Devin McCourty making fun of Tom E. Curran’s tie, I mean, explaining some of the finer points about leading the Patriots secondary.

This group is deep and I think there is a lot of flexibility and duplication in players size, skill sets and talent level. That’s going to make for some serious competition across the board. I’ll do my best to sort it out.

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Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 8

Welcome to part 8 of our Patriots Training Camp Preview! If you missed parts 1, 2, 3,456 or 7 click the number to check them out!

There are really only 2 linebackers I care about watching for the Patriots these days, but that isn’t how a team is properly constructed. The guys who play linebacker in this defense are also one of the key cogs on the special teams units. These guys needs to be football smart, strong enough to take on pulling guards trying to get to the second level and fast enough to chase down running backs. Let’s see who fits that mold of the guys they have in camp.

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Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 7

Welcome to part 6 of our Patriots Training Camp Preview! If you missed parts 1, 2, 3, 45 or 6 click the number to check them out!


Defensive End in Bill Belichick’s defense maybe the most misunderstood position on the field both by players and fans alike. The reason is twofold and both of those answers are pretty easy when you really think about it. Reason 1: The best Defensive End/Outside LineBacker Belichick ever coached was the otherworldly Lawrence Taylor. But Belichick even admits, he didn’t coach Taylor, so much as coach around Taylor to cover whatever his decisions may have left vulnerable. Which leads us to reason 2: I think this really allowed Belichick to develop, in his mind’s eye, a way that the DE/OLB position could function as a read and react position instead of having simply 2 potential responsibilities, rush the passer or set the edge. While the DE/OLB’s in Belichick’s defense do set the edge and rush the passer they also drop into zone coverage and even end up in man coverage in certain packages.

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