NFL Summation: Week 10


The NFL has created a series of problems that it doesn’t seem to know how to, or want to fix. Announcers, people around water coolers, columnists, radio hosts and beat guys are all talking about no one knows how to define a catch anymore. It started a couple of years ago and was a once a month thing, but not defensive backs rake at the ball as best as they can as soon as it hits the WR hands knowing that even the slightest movement could cause enough of a question that the ball will be ruled incomplete. It’s smart coaching, but when every fan of the NFL is guessing on what is a catch and when every questionable catch goes to review that is a problem and whether they want to or not the NFL needs to solve it. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 2

Summationweek2Week 2 of the NFL is in the books. We know a little bit more. But we still don’t have enough information to really know who is good, who is bad and who is middle of the pack. I mean the Seahawks and Ravens, proverbial contenders are 0-2, but have yet to play at home. I think both teams are better than they have played and just need some home cooking to help them get “right”. So to sum up, this weeks picks were more accurate, which is saying something for a week where the Jags, Bucs, Browns, and Raiders all won. 9-7 for the week and I’ll take it with those shit teams all winning games. Continue reading