The Cat Empire – The Royale – Boston – 4-16-15

I’d like to think that Boston is special, and it is, but when it comes to The Cat Empire I feel they must get the same reaction wherever they go. The Royale had a feel last night that, to this observer, reveals itself far too infrequently in the world today. It was perfect harmony among a great diversity.

Photo courtesy of Sarah at

Photo courtesy of Sarah at

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The Fratellis – The Paradise – Boston – 9-19-15

I usually know where I “find” a band because it’s usually as the opening act at a show I go to. That is easily the number 1 way I find bands. On occasion there is a terrestrial radio happenstance, maybe a podcast and sometimes Rock Band has led me to the water of a band I drink from regularly. That being said I have no idea how I found The Fratellis. I’m guessing it was on Providence’s 95.5 WBRU. Brown’s college radio station and easily a very transformative station in my musical adolescence, as if I’ve ever left that stage….


So I’ve watched from afar as this band I’ve supported through album sales alone has had their single blow up in the way few singles ever do. Being featured in an Amstel Light commerical and as the Chicago Blackhawks home goal anthem will help with that. That changed Saturday Night as they were in town, I was in town and I wanted to make it point to see if their wall of sound on the albums was capable of being reproduced live by just 4 guys.

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