Before its Reborn, Revisit Heroes

Heroes is being reborn and Heroes: Reborn is literally the title. I loved the concept when it was first born in 2006. A new way to look at human evolution and super powers and in humans, a reimagining of the Marvel and DC universes combined if you would. Wolverine as a teenage girl, but instead of adamantium claws she’s uses her icy blue eyes to cut bad guys. They even play the daddy issues card having the cheerleaders be adopted by a version of Stephen Trask.  (Not going to lie that all seems a little closer to plagiarism than a reimagining to me the more I explore, let move on before everyone gets in trouble.) Imagine Rogue as being able to hold her absorbed powers forever. Nightcrawler not only being able to teleport in real time, but also in space time. It’s not original, how could it be, but it is certainly fun, or it was.tumblr_nqu2vaW9Pl1uzx8k4o1_1280 Continue reading