Japanese Imports…and we aren’t talking Karaoke

masahiro-tanaka-yankeesToday Masahiro Tanaka signed a 7 year 155 million dollar contract with the New York Yankees. Here in New England the panic music is rising, the faithful are nervous that this makes the Yankees better than the Red Sox. At first blush I don’t think so, but that is a story for another day. Today I want to analyze Tanaka the pitcher in relation to the other 3 big name pitchers to start their Major League careers at age 25 or 26, Hideo Nomo, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Yu Darvish. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 1

I hate Nick Saban, but god damn the man knows how to win a College Football National Championship. At this rate he will be far and away the best coach in the history of college football. I haven’t come to that conclusion mildly either. Look at the history of just the last 4 years. 3 titles and 11 first round picks, 8 in the last 2 NFL drafts. Its unprecedented and terrifying because he isn’t going to leave, and they sure aren’t going to ask him too without a scandal of Paterno like proportions. Continue reading

Red Sox Manager, Take 46

Another year, another new Red Sox manager. As far as patterns go, this is a bad one. So, the Red Sox traded Mike Aviles to their division foe Blue Jays for manager John Farrell and pitcher David Carpenter.1 In sports these days one of the big buzzwords is “asset”. Teams want to collect as many assets as possible, whether those assets directly contribute on the field or are used to acquire other, theoretically better, assets. Mike Aviles is an asset. David Carpenter is not and according to all the reports out of Toronto, and the fact that he will never throw a pitch or swing a bat, neither is John Farrell. Continue reading

  1. The Red Sox have now received 2 pitchers named Carpenter in compensation deals, neither of which is the best Carpenter pitcher in the game, I’m sure thats a record. []

The Curious Case of Manny Ramirez

Manny says "ehh"Not so long ago, before the positive tests for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the total of 150 games in suspensions,1 Manny Ramirez was the among the greatest right handed hitting run producers to ever play major league baseball. His name was held in the company of Jimmie Foxx, Hack Wilson, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays. The best of the best, the elite. Today, all in part to Manny being Manny, he is a 39 year old has been who just wants to play ball again.
  1. since commuted to 100 for reasons unknown []

Baby step 1 of building a bullpen

This article would be much more exciting if I could proclaim the Red Sox had replaced Jonathan Paplebon, they haven’t, but this is certainly a step, albeit a baby one, in building a bullpen. The addition of Mark Melancon doesn’t solve a lot of problems, but it solves about 70 innings of late relief problems. Maybe in the 7th innnig, most likely in the 8th, maybe as the closer for 5 or 10. Its a good solid baseball addition, but was the cost of Jed Lowrie and Kyle Weiland too much?

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Take off the pink hat

Oh Red Sox management you think you are so fucking clever, but I am onto your bull shit shenanigans. Since you folks first arrived on Yawkey Way in the early oughts, it has all been about victories. To get to those victories you have need to increase revenues. As many of those revenue streams can be seen on field and in game presentation that has been a necessary evil to cope with the deluge of marketing. And to be honest why wouldn’t you flood us with marketing propaganda, its effective. Here and now1 as we all prepare for spring training 2012 , in our various ways, you may have the pink hats fooled, but the evidence suggests that you don’t care about winning in 2012, at least not as much as you did in 2004, 2007 or 2009. You will never admit it, but you are rebuilding.

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  1. December 2011 []

Sully from Hooking Foul.com, Bobby could you please just stop holding the microphone?

I mean seriously he held onto that fucking thing every time he answered a question as if were he to say something wrong a trap door could open and he would be erased from existence, but for his strong hold on a flimsy microphone stand. Ben Cherington had already knocked his over.

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