Bunting for a hit: At the End of 2 Careers

This is a weekly spot where I quickly address a few topics that crossed my path, but don’t deserve the full length treatment.1

  • I hope Jeremy Lin doesn’t fly too close to the sun and melt his own wings. He has made the NBA better. I don’t even watch every Celtics game and most nights this season are focused on which star is missing what game. Since Lin has gotten his Icarus like wings I now tune into the NBA channel for highlights every night the Knicks play. And when I did this on Valentine’s Day 2012 I saw Jeremy Lin hit a game winning 3 point winner that left .5 seconds on the clock. The man has BALLS.

Then on Sunday he led the Knicks against the defending champ Mavericks and electrified Madison Square Garden AGAIN.


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  1. That’s what she said – the video []

The Curious Case of Manny Ramirez

Manny says "ehh"Not so long ago, before the positive tests for performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) and the total of 150 games in suspensions,1 Manny Ramirez was the among the greatest right handed hitting run producers to ever play major league baseball. His name was held in the company of Jimmie Foxx, Hack Wilson, Hank Aaron and Willie Mays. The best of the best, the elite. Today, all in part to Manny being Manny, he is a 39 year old has been who just wants to play ball again.
  1. since commuted to 100 for reasons unknown []