N:64 Week 2, Part 1


My oh my what a way to kick off the season, for those new here I was 9-6-1 against the spread, 11-5 on straight picks and 12-3-1 on over/unders! Plus I was 2-0 in my fantasy leagues (If you are here looking for the daily fantasy stuff from last year, I’ve give that up and at some point this year I’ll explain that reasoning) and the Patriots went out and beat a team they shouldn’t have!

All and all it’s great start to the season and I’m excited for week two to start tonight in *groan* Buffalo.

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2016 NFL Season Preview!


FINALLY, NFL week 1 is here. It feels like we have been waiting for years! Thursday Night we will see the Super Bowl rematch and we will be off for another 17 weeks of NFL action! As a preview of sorts this week we start with predicting the record for each and every team! 

It’s a lot of info, but its a fast read, so let’s get right to it!  Continue reading

Week 13: NFL 64


As we look into the week 13 of the NFL season I’m looking for some consistency. Not from a team or player, but from the league and it’s officials. While the NFL league administration gets a little too much flack for player behaviour, especially for players offending for the first time, because that is a relatively unpredictable, (Anyone who screws up a second time there is no excuse for and the NFL should be dealing with that with a far speedier process. See Aldon Smith.) the idea referees behaviour can’t be better controlled is ridiculous. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 10


The NFL has created a series of problems that it doesn’t seem to know how to, or want to fix. Announcers, people around water coolers, columnists, radio hosts and beat guys are all talking about no one knows how to define a catch anymore. It started a couple of years ago and was a once a month thing, but not defensive backs rake at the ball as best as they can as soon as it hits the WR hands knowing that even the slightest movement could cause enough of a question that the ball will be ruled incomplete. It’s smart coaching, but when every fan of the NFL is guessing on what is a catch and when every questionable catch goes to review that is a problem and whether they want to or not the NFL needs to solve it. Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 10

NFL64132 regular season NFL games in the books, 125 left to go. It official we passed the halfway point. I hope your favorite team is still in the playoff hunt, if not, I hope your fantasy team is still relevant. If that’s not the case either, adopt a team! I recommend adopting a team from the other conference. If you are a Ravens fan for instance and they have been super unlucky and would have to have a series of miracles occur for them to sneak into the playoffs, adopt an NFC team. Maybe the Rams and the best rookie running back in the long time, Todd Gurley. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 9

Summationweek9In week with 6 teams on the bye it felt like the league started to take a more definitive shape. Like when Jello first starts to solidify in your favorite mold. (If you don’t have a favorite Jello mold you are a savage.) It wasn’t pretty and I’m not sure that some of the teams wins mean much more than the fact that they won and that gives them a big advantage in gaining a playoff spot, or in playoff seeding. Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 4


I love compiling data and assessing it. I’ve been doing it more this year than any other prior even. As I’ve done so I’ve started to learn a little more her and a little more there and am ready to start taking the points of data and putting them into ranks form. These ranks assess how good I think the teams are, sometimes they are swung heavily by record, but more often by situation. Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 3

NFL64It was November 2008 and I was on the sidelines for the Taunton High School Tigers football team. We had just beaten the Bridgewater Raynham Trojans who were the closest thing to a rival we had. In reality it was an amazingly one sided affair because Taunton hadn’t won a head to head game in 19 years. But we had a team that could do it and we prepared not as if we were going to squeak out a double overtime victory like we did, but as if we were going to win 56-0. Because if you are thinking about losing you are already halfway there. Here’s a little game highlight video one of the kids made.

As I watched that pig pile in the end zone, I thought, ‘how did I get here?’ It was a long strange journey that was pretty amazing. I should have been as happy as everyone in that pigpile, as happy my fellow coaches slapping each other on the back, as happy the fans exuberant at overcoming such a long period of losing. But I wasn’t. Continue reading

2015 Patriots Preview

Its officially week 1 of the NFL season! Preseason is over, teams are game planning, fantasy players are tinkering, DFS players are dreaming of $2 million smackers! So lets make some prognostications! First a quick recap of the 2014 prognostications to prove why or why you shouldn’t pay attention to me and my magic 8 ball. Link to 2014 preview. Continue reading