Kinder Words

As the last waves of 2015’s wake are slowly absorbed back into the ocean of each of our lives some of us look back at where that wake was. Or forward to the still water of our new wake. Rarely do we take a moment to appreciate the wake for it’s own magnificence.


Mark loves a good poster

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The Cat Empire – The Royale – Boston – 4-16-15

I’d like to think that Boston is special, and it is, but when it comes to The Cat Empire I feel they must get the same reaction wherever they go. The Royale had a feel last night that, to this observer, reveals itself far too infrequently in the world today. It was perfect harmony among a great diversity.

Photo courtesy of Sarah at

Photo courtesy of Sarah at

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Bunting for a Hit: Turkey Wrap

curling_fThere is a shit ton going on right now in sports. 3 of the major leagues are in game operation, with the NFL being in full swing as the playoff picture begins to take shape. Don’t forget about college football either as we approach the ridiculous number of “bowl” games, but even with all those meaningless bowls in the mix, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t watch 2 incredible football games Saturday with THE Ohio State University vs. Michigan and the Auburn beating the 2 time reigning National Champion Alabama on a play that has to compare with only a walk off grand slam in terms of game ending plays. Major League Baseball’s hot stove is starting to pick up even in a down free agent year. NBC won’t let us forget that the Winter Olympics are going to happen in Russia, but until they reunite Tonya, Nancy and a crowbar I don’t know that I’m super interested. Unless I can figure out how to make or join a curling pool. I saw those guys in picture at a Bosstones Throwdown in 2011 I think! Continue reading

What was it about that night

The New England Patriots went to their first Super Bowl of the Tom Brady Bill Belicheck Era unexpectedly in the winter of 2002. Super Bowl XXXVI was the first to be played in February, a result of the tragedy that befell our country on 9-11-2001 and the NFL’s postponing a week of regular season games out of respect for those who lost their lives in the attacks. This fact made the Friday before the game far more appealing to me because while I have 0 recollection of where I was January 25, 2002,1 I know exactly where I was February 1, 2002.2
  1. the originally scheduled Friday night before Super Bowl XXXVI []
  2. the actual Friday night before Super Bowl XXXVI []