2019 MLB Hall of Fame Class

Every year players become eligible for the National Baseball Hall of Fame for the plain and simple reason they retired 5 years earlier. That’s the about the only simple part of the process. To be enshrined forever they need to get 75% of the voters to say yes. If they get between 5 and 74% of the vote they are allowed to remain on the ballot for the next 10 years. If they get less than 5% they fall off the ballot FOREVER!

There is an ass ton of politics involved in this process. Most of it revolving around biases on the writers. I’m only going to address those to say that they too often get in the way of accurately reflecting who indeed should be a Hall of Famer or not. And, each voter only gets 10 votes. So that totally makes it more political.

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The Price of doing business

David Price sure isn’t pitching like we all thought or hoped he would. OK, lets be fair, no one can earn back the value of Price’s 31 million dollars a year unless they make 35 starts and go 35-0, and even then he hasn’t cured cancer, so it’s still not enough value. (To be clear that is no knock on Price, he should sign the best deal for him, and he did. I also have no expectation of him curing cancer.) So what is a reasonable expectation for Price?

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Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 4

Welcome to part 4 of our Patriots Training Camp Preview! If you missed parts 1, 2 or 3, click the number to check them out!

How do you improve on having the best TE in the league? By adding a guy that had 53 catches and 439 yards in 11 games playing with a mediocre QB and who is the same size as the guy you already have.

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer)

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“The Life of Pablo”

“The Life of Pablo” is more than just Kanye’s new album title, it’s become an existential question for Red Sox Nation. “What goes on in Pablo Sandoval’s life that makes him think its ok to treat ‘us’ this way?” It’s all over sports talk radio, all over the blogs, and papers that Pablo has wronged Red Sox Nation. Kayne probably didn’t think that when you typed ‘Pablo’ into Google News this week you’d get results about the Red Sox corpulent 3rd baseman ahead of his album, but alas Kanye finds himself in the shadow of Pablo’s potbelly.


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Welcome David Price

c4s_price101210_144420a_8colIt’s not official, but it’s inevitable at this point that David Price will top the mound for the Boston Nine in 2016, and the following 6 years, well, maybe. Here is the simple breakdown, and it really is simple.

2016 – 30 Million

2017 – 30 Million

2018 – 30 Million


2019 – 31 Million

2020 – 31 Million

2021 – 32 Million

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