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I love TV and film. I spent what most would describe as too much time watching and considering these universes. I do most of that consideration with Jay. Sometimes that consideration is poignant. Sometimes its a back and forth dialogue. Then there was the tweet below….

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Movie Review: Miracle

Miracle_filmTo do a classic movie review of a movie as well crafted of a story so well known as Miracle seems foolish. In all likelihood I’m not going to tell you anything you don’t already know. So instead join me on a journey through Miracle as if we were sitting the same couch enjoying Walt Disney pictures spectacularly told true story of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team. Continue reading

Movie Review: PCU

This imagine excites me

This imagine excites me

PCU, became a seminal movie in my life immediately when I was introduced to it in 1995. Ever since it has spawned innumerable conversations, rabid quoting, influenced life decisions and cemented instantaneous friendships. But why is a sports blog reviewing PCU you ask? Well we will delve deeply into the intramural ultimate frisbee finals, so that will cover the sports angle, I’m only half kidding. In reality here we are 3 days after the Super Bowl, and there is very little to say except Seattle dominated. I don’t watch enough basketball or hockey to articulately comment about either’s current happenings. The Olympics don’t start til this weekend. And the Red Sox don’t report for spring training for 12=1 more days. So the best question to really ask is, why NOT PCU? Continue reading




…Sleeveless Super Bowl Sunday!

Boston born Markasaurus reports from Seattle that even mother nature knows this is big day for Seahawks fans and as such has provided them with excellent weather for a proper football party! Sun, no rain and sleeveless shirt temperatures! In that vein we gather here the best of our Super Bowl coverage and invite you to laugh, imbibe and enjoy the pre-game festivities here at Hooking Foul! At the bottom you will find my Super Bowl prediction, if those sorts of things matter to you.

In 2013 I gave you a list of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. Nothing from last year managed to crack the list, so I didn’t need to update it. Before this years start playing check out Sully’s 7: Best Super Bowl Commercials!

7. MacGyver – Mastercard
Mastercard has long had the “priceless” commercials and they are all good, but when they brought in MacGyver, who even before Liam Neeson in Taken had a particular set of skills, and put him to work with very little and asked him to get out of trouble, it was indeed priceless.

Find the rest here. Sully’s 7: Best Super Bowl Commercials!

Earlier this month I told you the best beers to drink during the Super Bowl, and why. So find your scenario, read up, buy up, and drink up Sully’s 7: Best Super Bowl Beers!

SBC_Garg_smallSituation 1: Your team is in the game. Its the culmination of a great season and your team is 1 victory away from Super Bowl glory! You want a beer worthy of Super Bowl celebration. Having been in this catbird seat 5 times since my 21st birthday (because thats when I started to drink, yeah) a couple of words of advice: you want to be drunk but not too drunk. You want to straddle that line very carefully because if your team is winning you want to remember it, and if your team is losing/getting blown out you want to be able to get as drunk as possible, as fast as possible, so you forget it. To achieve this I recommend the Stone Brewery series in this order. 1st quarter 12 oz. Stone Levitations. 2nd quarter 12 oz. Stone Pale Ales. Halftime 1 22 oz. Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale. Now if you team is still in the game Stone Pale Ale until the end. If your team is victorious celebrate with Stone Ruination IPA until you pass out. If your team is getting blown out at the half, go directly to the Stone Ruination IPA, do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars.

Find the rest here. Sully’s 7: Best Super Bowl Beers!

Just the other day we profiled a Seattle Seahawks defensive back. Read all about in our series Off the Wall: Richard Sherman.

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Seattle SeahawksQuick: what is the first thing that you think of when I say the name Richard Sherman.

Find the rest here. Off the Wall: Richard Sherman.

Remember this movie?

Well I did one of my famous movie reviews for it! Movie Review: Varsity Blues

download-Young Paul Walker! The enormous sign on his front lawn indicates he is the best QB in the state of Texas and definitely better than Tony Romo. Oh poor Romo that was a cheap shot, he wasn’t even in the NFL in 1999.


Find the rest here. Movie Review: Varsity Blues

That’s it! Read all those articles and you will be supremely ready to watch the Super Bowl from every point of view except a true football perspective. Oh that matters to you? Well here is what I think happens.

Denver’s defense is unable to keep the Seattle running game at bay due to their inability to stop the read-option that Wilson runs better than anyone in the league. I also think that My Friend Craig is going to cry when he sees how good ex-Bill Marshawn Lynch is in the biggest game of his life. That ability to control the clock keeps Peyton Manning on the sideline and keeps Denver from getting to 35, which I think they need to get to to win.

Final score Seattle 27-Denver 24.

Go Seahawks!

Movie Review: The Replacements

NOT "Enormously Funny!"

NOT “Enormously Funny!”

To do a classic review of a movie that is as bad as The Replacements seems silly. Instead, take a quick trip down memory lane with me and enjoy The Replacements as if I were watching it with me and appreciate all my sarcasm and wit!

My notes don’t cover the plot in total, so as a quick refresher.  The NFL, I mean professional football league, player’s association is striking. There are 4 games left in the season and the owners are going to bring in replacement players. The movie focuses on the Washington Redskins, I mean Sentinels. The Sentinels need to win 3 of 4 games to make the playoffs, something they haven’t done in 7 seasons. Continue reading

Movie Review: Any Given Sunday

imagesIn most of my movie reviews I poke fun at sports movies that I love, and I totally intend to do that along the way with Any Given Sunday, but as I was watching I realized that the monologues, soliloquies, the pacing and the overall structure are extremely Shakespearean. So if you are only interested in the jokes read the black portions. If the idea that Oliver Stone patterned a football movie from a Shakespearean tragedy and to find out which one, read the red portions. I hope that I convey my thoughts well enough that you’ll enjoy both. Continue reading