Kinder Words

As the last waves of 2015’s wake are slowly absorbed back into the ocean of each of our lives some of us look back at where that wake was. Or forward to the still water of our new wake. Rarely do we take a moment to appreciate the wake for it’s own magnificence.


Mark loves a good poster

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NFL Summation: Week 12

Summationweek12It is long overdue for the NFL to make officials full time employees. I realize they at most work 24 games a year, but how is this not as great an integrity issue as potentially deflated footballs? Would it be crazy for me to suggest that because the Broncos went for the field goal instead of the TD and cut the lead to 4 when the spread was 3, that any official who may have bet the Bronco’s plus 3 had a vested interest in seeing the Bronco’s score again? Continue reading

NFL 64: Week 12


Week 12 is here and Thanksgiving week is always weird week. Teams will start actually clinching playoff spots soon, both in the real NFL and in your fantasy leagues! The best game of the weekend will probably be the Seahawks hosting the Steelers. Neither team is great, but I think both are very good and are very evenly matched. Continue reading

Week 12 Playoff Pictures

As the Holiday season is upon us there are a myriad of movies that are associated with the plethora of various holidays we celebrate. With that in mind we channel Thanksgiving with this week’s playoff pictures! These are coming from all over, some actually based around Thanksgiving and some have just become associated with Thanksgiving, so sit back and enjoy!


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from Continue reading

Week 11 Playoff Pictures

Let’s start talking playoff pictures for each and every team in the league. First we are going to list the standings of each division. So take a peek at those. Remember each division winner is automatically given at least 1 home playoff game, regardless of record.


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. Since I’m very excited about the release of the video game Star Wars Battlefront the names of each category will be Star Wars related. (The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 9

Summationweek9In week with 6 teams on the bye it felt like the league started to take a more definitive shape. Like when Jello first starts to solidify in your favorite mold. (If you don’t have a favorite Jello mold you are a savage.) It wasn’t pretty and I’m not sure that some of the teams wins mean much more than the fact that they won and that gives them a big advantage in gaining a playoff spot, or in playoff seeding. Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 9

NFL64I talked a little on Tuesday about how top heavy the league has become. I only think there are 13 teams that are legitimately playoff caliber teams right now. That’s insane. Conversely the very bottom is filled with dumpster fire after dumpster fire. San Fran, Detroit, Tennessee, are all pretty much laughing stocks right now. Cleveland, Houston, San Diego and Baltimore are just bad football teams for various reasons. Chicago and Dallas are sort of in a twilight zone of mediocrity. Tampa, Indy, Washington, Philly, KC and Jacksonville I think should all be better and just have underperformed. Buffalo, Miami, New Orleans and the Giants are teams that have shown a tendency to just sort of fall down, and not lightly when these teams have fallen down, they have fallen down hard. Just ask My Friend Craig. Continue reading

NFL: 64 Week 8


This week is going to bring some real excitement to just about every time frame there is a game. Thursday is going to be great between AFC East Rivals Miami and New England. 1 o’clock Sunday gives us AFC North Rivals Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. At 4 o’clock we get to learn if Oakland can hang with the Jets. The Sunday night game pits the unbeaten Packers against the unbeaten Broncos. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 7

Summationweek7I can’t lie. I had a great week of picks. It’s rare when you can see most of the NFL games playing out the way they are supposed to, but I pulled it off last week. I can’t get cocky though, have to stay focused and keep watching games, taking what I see and applying it to the next week. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 6

Summationweek6Dear NFL what is a catch? in the Detroit/Chicago game Golden Tate’s hands touched the ball, he moved it as it touched the goal line and then a defender strippped it away. Looked like a fumble to me in real time, in slow mo replay and then again in real time. It was ruled a fumble on the field. It was over turned to a TD after further review. I don’t know what defines a catch generally speaking, let alone near the goalline. Continue reading