Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 6

Welcome to part 6 of our Patriots Training Camp Preview! If you missed parts 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 click the number to check them out!

Defensive line is a place emphasized in the Patriots scheme, not for the stats you see in the box score, but for their ability to influence the offensive blocking schemes. When the Patriots defensive lineman are at their best, they are occupying multiple blockers as linebackers and defensive ends run around after the QB and/or ball carrier. That’s a very simplified version, but it’s a very important part of the Patriots scheme, especially with the stable of linebackers currently on the roster. So which defensive lineman will do the best job? We look at them 1 by 1 here!

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Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 5

Welcome to part 5 of our Patriots Training Camp Preview! If you missed parts 1, 23, 4, click the number to check them out! And yes we can still call it a preview even with camp going on, they haven’t DONE anything of consequence yet, like put pads on! Although this morning “Jesus Christ” utterance by BB would certainly be of consequence to some!

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Patriots Training Camp Preview, Part 1

Good Monday sports fans! It’s a big week all over the map as the MLB trade deadline is 1 week away and NFL training camps start. Where the Red Sox have already made a few deals, early in the week I am going to concentrate on previewing Patriots training camp. Today we are going to tackle the biggest of those. The QB situation….


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Week 12 Playoff Pictures

As the Holiday season is upon us there are a myriad of movies that are associated with the plethora of various holidays we celebrate. With that in mind we channel Thanksgiving with this week’s playoff pictures! These are coming from all over, some actually based around Thanksgiving and some have just become associated with Thanksgiving, so sit back and enjoy!


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 5


Four weeks into the season and every team now knows that it’s good at, what it’s bad and has an idea of how to fix it. Can they fix it is a bigger question. I wouldn’t say definitively anyone season is 100% over, but for the Bucs, Lions, 49ers, Bear and Browns and the loser of this week’s Eagles/Saints game, I think it’s mostly over. Doesn’t mean they won’t win games or play teams close, but I think their evaluations have to start to shape the future of the team beyond 2015. Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 1

NFL64So I’m a few days late with the NFL64, but my Pats pick was up and I had the team right, but the score wrong. So here is the first regular season NFL64 with picks at the bottom. They are straight wins picks, I don’t involve the spread, but will mention it from time to time when I think it makes sense or makes me think Vegas knows something the rest of us don’t. ONTO THE PICKS! Continue reading

2015 Patriots Preview

Its officially week 1 of the NFL season! Preseason is over, teams are game planning, fantasy players are tinkering, DFS players are dreaming of $2 million smackers! So lets make some prognostications! First a quick recap of the 2014 prognostications to prove why or why you shouldn’t pay attention to me and my magic 8 ball. Link to 2014 preview. Continue reading