Week 12 Playoff Pictures

As the Holiday season is upon us there are a myriad of movies that are associated with the plethora of various holidays we celebrate. With that in mind we channel Thanksgiving with this week’s playoff pictures! These are coming from all over, some actually based around Thanksgiving and some have just become associated with Thanksgiving, so sit back and enjoy!


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from ESPN.com. Continue reading

NFL: 64 Week 11


We’ve spent a lot of time on the playoffs this week and we will continue to because that’s why they play the game. Lots of fun games to watch this weekend with an eye on the post season. Can the Vikings take control of the NFC North hosting the Packers? Can the Falcons rebound off their bye week against an Andrew Luck-less Colts? Have the last couple of weeks of the Chiefs been legit? Continue reading

Week 11 Playoff Pictures

Let’s start talking playoff pictures for each and every team in the league. First we are going to list the standings of each division. So take a peek at those. Remember each division winner is automatically given at least 1 home playoff game, regardless of record.


So next are the division standings. God they are a mess. Then we are going to start at the bottom of each conference and work our way to top. Since I’m very excited about the release of the video game Star Wars Battlefront the names of each category will be Star Wars related. (The ranks out of 16 are the official ranking of each team after tie breakers. Retrieved from ESPN.com.) Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 10


The NFL has created a series of problems that it doesn’t seem to know how to, or want to fix. Announcers, people around water coolers, columnists, radio hosts and beat guys are all talking about no one knows how to define a catch anymore. It started a couple of years ago and was a once a month thing, but not defensive backs rake at the ball as best as they can as soon as it hits the WR hands knowing that even the slightest movement could cause enough of a question that the ball will be ruled incomplete. It’s smart coaching, but when every fan of the NFL is guessing on what is a catch and when every questionable catch goes to review that is a problem and whether they want to or not the NFL needs to solve it. Continue reading

NFL:64 Week 10

NFL64132 regular season NFL games in the books, 125 left to go. It official we passed the halfway point. I hope your favorite team is still in the playoff hunt, if not, I hope your fantasy team is still relevant. If that’s not the case either, adopt a team! I recommend adopting a team from the other conference. If you are a Ravens fan for instance and they have been super unlucky and would have to have a series of miracles occur for them to sneak into the playoffs, adopt an NFC team. Maybe the Rams and the best rookie running back in the long time, Todd Gurley. Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 9

Summationweek9In week with 6 teams on the bye it felt like the league started to take a more definitive shape. Like when Jello first starts to solidify in your favorite mold. (If you don’t have a favorite Jello mold you are a savage.) It wasn’t pretty and I’m not sure that some of the teams wins mean much more than the fact that they won and that gives them a big advantage in gaining a playoff spot, or in playoff seeding. Continue reading

DraftKings Week 8 Review

For the first time this year I failed to land in the money in back to back weeks on DraftKings. That’s not great, but it was likely to happen eventually. It was what I’m going to call a very top heavy week at DraftKings, meaning that the top scorers scored an ass load of points and then there were a bunch of guys who had ok weeks. So let’s review my top/bottom 3s and my teams! Continue reading

NFL Summation: Week 8

Summationweek8The quality of play in the NFL is awful this year. I mean in the majority. Here in Boston Toucher and Rich were joking on radio Monday morning that maybe there will be 3 AFC teams that end the regular season 15-1. While it’s highly unlikely, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Let’s take a quick look at it. Continue reading

NFL: 64 Week 8


This week is going to bring some real excitement to just about every time frame there is a game. Thursday is going to be great between AFC East Rivals Miami and New England. 1 o’clock Sunday gives us AFC North Rivals Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. At 4 o’clock we get to learn if Oakland can hang with the Jets. The Sunday night game pits the unbeaten Packers against the unbeaten Broncos. Continue reading

NFL: 64 Week 6

NFL64Having been a football coach at the high school level I’m well versed in the types of things that drive a coach crazy, especially by special teams players. Jordan Todman plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but what seems like an eternity ago, he was a running back for the Dartmouth High School Indian and I coached against him. Continue reading