Sully’s 7: Review of the 1st 7 picks of the 2005 Red Sox Draft

HqwC2RtdEntry sports drafts are a primary foundation to building a winning sports franchise. For those of us that play fantasy we know how important a solid draft can be in building our teams. For us fantasy players the stakes can be high, in terms of payouts for winning, in the big leagues each draft pick means a financially controlled player for a certain number of years. If you “hit” on players in a draft, these players can become a financially cheap core to build around. Adding talent through trades and free agency to augment and enhance the skills of your home grown talent makes for a continually successful franchise. If a team “misses” on multiple draft picks it can be a huge stumbling block to overcome in winning games on a regular basis. The same can be said for your fantasy team, with the small caveat that you aren’t going to lose your job because you made shitty draft picks. Continue reading

Bunting for a Hit: 2013 Week 3

080afd_Sox_12092012At one point this off season the Red Sox had agreed in principle with 2 players to 3 year 39 million dollar deals, Mike Napoli and Shane Victorino. Victorino indeed signed on the dotted line and will get his 39 million bucks. Napoli’s physical scared the SHIT out of someone on the Red Sox medical staff (a scary thought) and so he shopped himself around again, found no takers and signed a 1 year 5 million dollar incentive laden deal. So much for the bluster of Napolil being a free agent prize. The latest news about Victorino is that he will play for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic. This is my predicted stat line for Victorino’s 2013 with the Red Sox, for Team USA, 12 at bats, 2 hits 1 blown knee. Red Sox 0 at bats, 13 million dollars. God I hope I’m wrong. Continue reading

Bunting for a hit: At the End of 2 Careers

This is a weekly spot where I quickly address a few topics that crossed my path, but don’t deserve the full length treatment.1

  • I hope Jeremy Lin doesn’t fly too close to the sun and melt his own wings. He has made the NBA better. I don’t even watch every Celtics game and most nights this season are focused on which star is missing what game. Since Lin has gotten his Icarus like wings I now tune into the NBA channel for highlights every night the Knicks play. And when I did this on Valentine’s Day 2012 I saw Jeremy Lin hit a game winning 3 point winner that left .5 seconds on the clock. The man has BALLS.

Then on Sunday he led the Knicks against the defending champ Mavericks and electrified Madison Square Garden AGAIN.


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  1. That’s what she said – the video []

Boston Fried Chicken

Dateline Red Sox Nation: population slimming. Its like Jenny Craig is in charge of cutting the dead pink hat weight from Fenway Park and decided to do it by adding the high carbs of fried chicken and beer rather than her more typically sensible meals. The Red Sox haven’t been this ugly a disaster scene since adding Tessie to the musical rotation, no, wait that’s just a personal low light. In reality these are the Red Sox of my youth who really were last seen in deplorably horribly fashion in September of 2001. In those days they were so poorly led and managed that even the horrible tragedy of 9-11 couldn’t bring them together as a team and just days after the attack they were kicking, screaming and throwing things like tantruming school children. As this ugliness returns to Yawkey Way I imagine the pink hats will lose interest because while the core of Red Sox Nation loves this drama and thrives on it, lives on it, the outer layer are all pink hats come lately and as wins go away so do pink hats.

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